3s Return to Winning Ways

Saturday 7th November

Kelburne 3rd XI   (3)   -   Glasgow Accies   (2)

The3's recovered fom their departure from the cup last week with an excellent win this Saturday. The boys put in all their effort to secure more points at stay strong, high in the league table.

A promising start seen a sharp Kelburne pass the ball quickly and effectively, with all channels covered. Andy Bremner once again provided strength in the centre of the 3's game, controlling the direction of play. The defensive line comprising of Harry Godfrey, Jordan Lindsay and Alan Ralph along with returning legend Musky, put in a fantastic performance, tackling, clearing and setting up play like it was 2nd nature now.

Also returning to the team after a spell of injury was Adam McInnes, who alongside Brodie McKay and Mark Connor caused heaps of trouble for the opposition, winning countless short corners for the team. None of these were finished, but they definitely displayed Kelburne's increasing dominance over the game.

Michael Nicol rose to the challenge of first scorer. One of Godfrey Jr.'s signature line balls was collected and taken for a run around the D. Nicol seized his chance and after collecting the ball, and a spectacular strike saw the ball flying into the top corner of the goal. 1 - 0.

Chris McNulty made sure the forwards continued this pressure, with even more short corners going Kelburne's way, but again these were left unfinished.

Half Time,  Kelburne  1  -  Glasgow Accies  0.

The second half seen an explosion of both gameplay and tempers as tensions reached breaking point. However, this didn't stop an early goal for Kelburne from none other than Musky, finishing a short corner with a graceful flick past the goalie's reach. 2 - 0.

With collisions frequent and Kelburne retaining their upper hand, frustrations got the better of Glasgow, as some heated exchanges took place following some hard tackles. An un-phased Kelburne allowed Glasgow to vent their tempers, and used this distraction to see an excellent cross from Mark Connor finished by speedy Miles Goldie, giving Kelburne the 3 - 0 goal advantage.

This however, allowed anger to get the better of Glasgow, and after what seemed like a ten minute argument, resulting in one of their players being sent off amid the fighting. Kelburne remained cool, trying to keep themselves composed, but after a long ball to one of the Glasgow forwards, a consolation goal was scored, dogged by controversy of whether or not it was in the scoring zone..

A second goal quickly followed, this time taking advantage of a Glasgow counter-attack. 3 - 2.

The final minutes of the game seen Kelburne regain their heads, string together some fantastic passes and retain the lead over their 10 man opponents.

Full Time,  Kelburne  3  -  Glasgow Accies  2.

A great display from Kelburne regained all confidence lost from last week's cup loss. The boys managed to keep their cool amidst arguments and overall showed why they are riding so high in the league table. A return to form with a more familiar team sees gameplay which looks to continue.

Coach's men of the match were 3 of the youth players - Ryan Edgar for his now-famed speed and ability to fight back for any lost ball, Jordan Lindsay for a much improved defensive performance at Centre Back, and Miles Goldie for a confident game at the front line, securing another goal for the 3's. But all the younger guys put in a great deal of effort, and go to prove that the 3's mix of young and old (or would experienced be less offensive?) is a winning combination.