U10's West District Indoor

Azzurri Kelburne B 1 - 2 Western
(Jay Berry)

Azzurri Kelburne A 3 - 0 Greenock
(Alastair Urquhart 3)

Azzurri Kelburne B 1 - 0 Clydesdale B
(Ellise Berry)

Azzurri Kelburne A 2 - 0 Azzurri Kelburne B
(Alastair Urquhart, Ellie Houston)

Azzurri Kelburne A 4 - 0 Clydesdale A
(Alastair Urquhart 3, Andrew McAllister)

Well done to both squads in qualifying for the final of the U10 & U10 plate at the Lagoon on the weekend of 19th/20th of December

Special mention to 5 year old Jay Berry scoring his 1st competitive goal for Kelburne at the weekend.

Azzurri Kelburne A Squad

Alastair Urquhart
Andrew McAllister
Max Naismith
Ellie Houston
Rachel Bain
Taylor Bain
Ellie Houston
Cameron McIntyre

Azzurri B Squad

Ed McGuire
Ellise Berry
Jay Berry
Laure Van Den Broeck
Sarah Van Den Broeck
Abbie Houston
Georgia Coyle

Final Postions:

1. Azzurri Kelburne A 13pts +12
2. Western                 13pts +9
3. Azzurri Kelburne B   6pts   -1
4. Clydesdale A           6pts   -8
5. Greenock                4pts   -4
6. Clydesdale B           1pt     -8
This weekend sees the U10's return to the Lagoon for non-competitive matches, matches and times will be posted later in week.

Well done to everyone involved.

Thnaks to Michael Nicol, Harry Godfrey & Norrie Urquhart for their umpiring and also to all the parents for their vocal support.