WCQ Result

Scotland 2-1 Wales 

Scotland started well in the opening game of Day Five in the BDO World Cup Qualifier. Scotland had the early dominance and territorial advantage but failed to convert any of the scoring opportunities that they had created. There were several near misses and on occasions the final pass also going astray.

However, neither team troubled the scorer in the first half.

After a stern talking to by Russell Garcia, Scotland broke the deadlock early in the second half with a field goal to the ever reliable Stephen Dick (Inverleith).

Immediately the game increased in tempo and Wales stung by the early second half setback went looking for chances to hit back. Their efforts in the interim were in vain.

Scotland extended the lead in the 51st minute when Kelbunre's  Mark Ralph netted a trademark drag flick from a  penalty corner.

Once again that fired Wales into action and the game went up another gear. Wales this time rewarded in the 56th minute when they were awarded a penalty corner which they converted.

The final ten minutes was frenetic and Wales threw everything at the Scottish, to snatch a draw and gain their first competition point; while Scotland wanted the win to gain a third-fourth playoff game.

Just minutes before full time, Wales had the chance to draw level with a penalty corner, but ex 'burne keeper Allan Dick (Surbiton) made a great save in goal for Scotland, denying Wales the chance of a draw.

That was to be the final score! Wales remain on the bottom of the table, and Scotland jump ahead on the table, gaining three invaluable competition points.

The Scots now face China in the bronze medal play off.

Source:New Zealand Hockey