4's Miss Out Again

Game 9 - Clydesdale 3s (A)

The 4s ranout against Clydesdale at Titwood this weekend, looking to put a halt to their current losing streak. The 4s were looking to improve their performance after last week?s performance against Western which can only be described as pococurante. With some of the team developing weltshmerz due to their losing streak, the 4s knew they had to win today to regain confidence in their own ability. The game against Clydesdale also saw the 4s frantically searching for various articles of hockey gear strewn throughout the clubhouse as Hammy made his return to the team for the first time this season, having apparently left all his gear in the club after his last game in February. With Hammys gear rediscovered, the 4s were able to make the drive to Titwood to play the game that they knew they had to win.

With the 4s having discussed their game plan, the game got underway. Unfortunately, the 4s conceded a goal within the first five minutes, immediately putting the ?burne on the back foot. The 4s however, didn?t let the heads drop as they knew they had the quality to score against this dale team. The 4s stuck to the basics and began to show signs of the ability to play hockey. The game remained reasonably even with both teams creating chances but both were unable to score.

The 4s used halftime to discuss the flaws from the first half, and ran out knowing they only had to convert their superior possession into goals. The 4s started the second half, showing a lot more aggression and desire for the ball than in previous weeks, finally showing some desire to win the game. The 4s began to create chances, looking especially dangerous on the break with the route one ball catching out the dale defence on a number of occasions. As the game progressed however, you sensed that it wasn?t going to be the 4s day. The 4s didn?t let up however and began to dig deeper and deeper in search of the final killer touch that would see them score a goal. Clydesdale had other ideas though and delivered a dagger to the heart when they scored their second with ten minutes to go. In previous weeks, Kelburnes heads would have dropped at this stage, but the 4s rallied together and played an aggressive attacking game for the remaining minutes. This offensive style lead to lots of chances, including several strong shots which forced the keeper to make some neat saves, and a superb deflected effort from club top scorer Alfie, which pinged back off the crossbar. Clydesdale withstood the pressure, and the whistle blew with Clydesdale beating the 4s 2-0.

An apparently horrendous score for the 4s but some positives could be taken from the game. The 4s looked to be much hungrier for the result this week, and showed more bite in the tackles. There can be no doubt however that the 4s need to improve, hopefully the message has sunk in and training will be much busier this Thursday. It seems the 4s will be unable to win the league this season but they?ve still got a glimmer of hope in the form of the cup this season.