Fives Comeback Too Late

Kelburne 5XI: 2
Dumfries 1XI: 4


Kelburne arrived hopefull that they could earnsome points from this rematch. Kelburne immediately attacked the opposition and continued to pressure the opposition for the starting minutes of the game. Dumfries were quick on the counter attack howerver and, after a quick break, they managed to play it around the kelburne defence and goalkeeper, and scored the opening goal of the match. Kelburne were soon pressing Dumfries's goal, and following some scrappy play around the goalmouth, a shot was struck wide by youngster Jack McEnzie. Kelburne's goal was once again under attack from Dumfries, and following a series of attempted clearances by the Kelburne defence and keeper, one Dumfries forward managed to fire a long, high shot into the Kelburne goal. The score now stood at  0 -2. Kelburne continued their counter attacking form, and came agonisingly close to scoring their first goal following a cutting pass across the D, but unfortunately it was narrowly missed by several of the attacking players. Kelburne continued to pressure Dumfries's defence and were rewarded for their efforts with a short corner. Disappointingly they were unable to do anything with it, unable to even get a shot on goal. Dumfries used this opportunity to take advantage of the disorientated Kelburne and quickly scored their third goal of the game. Soon Kelburne managed to string a series of excelent passes together, and providing Stevie Bain with a shooting opportunity, that narrowly missed the Dumfries goal. Kelburne continued to pressure Dumfries's defence, largely thanks to a series of superb runs from Willie Allan. Dumfries, unwilling to accept that the young kelburne team was (quite literally) running circles around them, began to push forward. Following confusion over the taking of a free hit outside Kelburne's D, Dumfries's attack quicky overwhelmed the defence and scored the final goal of the half.

At half time, the score stood at 0 - 4 to Dumfries.

Kelburne went out for the start of the second half with all guns blazing, and dominated the game for the first 15 minutes and were even awarded a penalty flick. Unfortunately the flick, taken by Steven Robbie, went wide of the goal but despite this disappointment Kelburne continued to pressure the Dumfries keeper for the following minutes. Dumfries tried to return the pressure being applied to them, but they rarely managed to get by the Kelburne defence. Kelburne continued to controll the play of the game, were awarded a series of short corners, but were unable to finnish any of them with a goal. Kelburne persisted in their attacks and were awarded a second penalty flick, following a foul from a Dumfries defender. Again Kelburne were unable to score from the flick, this time taken by Fabian Goldie. Howerver soon after taking the flick, Fabian managed to redeem himself with an excellent goal. This was followed almost instantly by another goal, scored this time by Willie Allan. Dumfries were soon trying to counter the tide of Kelburne attacks, to little avail. The increasingly frustrated Dumfries became rash with their decisions, and a dispute broke out in the Kelburne D following an unsportsmanlike foul by a Dumfries attacker on keeper, Jonny Barlow. Kelburne continued to dominate the play for the final moments of the game, but they were unable to score another goal.

At full time, the final score was 2 - 4 to Dumfries. The score does not give a fair representation of the game itself. Kelburne worked hard and fought well, and desevered a better result.  Everyone managed to work well as a team, and they will undoubtedly hope to continue this quality of play for the rest of the season.