Mens 3s put three past Mens 4s

3rd XI: 3
4th XI: 1

Saturday 13th Feb

A Kelburne vs. Kelburne league game took place this weekend, and with both teams desperately wanting to win, a heated and exciting match ensued.

The first half of the match saw both teams in lockdown, with almost equal ball possession. The 3rd?s now regular back formation of Godfrey Jr., McKay and Lindsay, with the welcome addition of Kelburne legend Davy 'Musky' Fowler, kept a solid hold on any of their opponents attacks. Stand-in keeper Fraser Hutchinson made a fantastic contribution to the team effort.

With focus on the lines, the 3?s tried to control the wings, after runs up the middle were often cut short. Some excellent chances made by Connor, McNulty and L. Morton (left) at the front were not finished, and a handful of short corners were awarded to both teams, with neither managing to make their mark. Tensions were high at this point, as play continued into the end of the first half.

Half Time 0 - 0.

In the second half, the match finally gathered speed, as both teams eyed up the all important first goal. 3?s captain Alan Ralph pushed his team to be first, with efforts from returning centre-mid Andy Bremner aiding in this pursuit. Wide midfielders Cairns and Edgar created even more chances for the 3?s and won further short corners, which again were left unfinished.

It was to be the 4th XI however, that seized the opportunity and from a short corner. Scott 'Hammy' Hamilton sunk the ball past the best efforts of keeper Hutchinson to put them in the lead,  0 - 1.

Trying to keep their heads up, the 3?s pushed on, but after a  tough collision, Ryan Edgar was taken off the pitch with an injured leg. This put a lot of pressure on the 3rd?s after losing one of their fastest players. Musky was also yellow-carded after an unfortunate bust up with umpires.

With Ralph and Craig Morton dropping back to bolster the defence in the absence of Musky (left), and the final ten minutes of the match fast approaching, a fantastic set piece up the line ended with Bremner slipping the ball past the 4?s young keeper Jonny Barlow, to bring the two teams back to even scores.

And, boosted by this recovery, a second 3rd XI goal arrived mere minutes later, this time by Lee Morton with a sharp-angled shot. 2 - 1.

With minutes to go, the 3?s looked poised to win. Adam McInnes (below), however, decided that a one-goal lead wasn?t enough and finished the game off with his second goal in two games.

Full Time 3 - 1.

After a nail-bitingly close match, the 3rd XI edged forward to secure the points, to the relief of the boys and, hopefully, the fear of league rivals Western! Both teams displayed the famous Kelburne spirit and didn?t give up until the bitter end, and even with players outside their comfort zones in new positions, the 3rd XI done captain Ralph proud once again.