Mens 3s on Cloud Nine

Kelburne 3rd XI: 9
East Kilbride: 2

Bellahouston, Saturday 20th Feb

The 3?s gained another 3 points this week and also asignificant boost in their goal difference against opponents EK. There was no shortage of goals in this game, and in the first half, the 3?s showed exactly why they are contenders for the league title.

From the offset, Kelburne dominated. After aiming to use the width of the defence to move the ball, the set pieces which followed were second-to-none. Within maybe 5 minutes of the game starting, one such surge up the right hand side made its way up the line, transported by Edgar and passed on to McNulty, and found its target in the form of youngster McInnes (right) at back post. After being threatened in the most friendly manner to continue his 2 goals in 2 games record, he did not disappoint and put the 3?s in the lead!

This only encouraged a non-stop system of defenders stealing the ball from advancing EK forwards, moving quickly up the flanks and preparing for another goal. The second goal came from Fergusson who struck the ball wide of the keeper?s reach. The third came from a determined Connor who, after two or three rebounded shots, sunk one straight behind the keeper to give a 3-goal lead.

Not stopping here, the 4th and 5th goals came from captain Ralph and centre-mid Bremner. In such quick succession, the order of scoring was confused, but with two excellent goals, once again assisted from all levels on the pitch, does it matter!? 5 -0.

Just before half time, McCrae in the midfield seized an open opportunity and fired the ball from distance into the goal, apparently making the ball curve round defenders, eyewitnesses report??

Half Time  6 - 0.

After an fantastic team performance in the first half, Kelburne seemed to relax a bit in the second, which unfortunately led to less dazzling play.

EK scored a quick goal in the opening minutes, which seemed to wake the 3?s up a bit.

The 7th home goal proved a lot harder to achieve, with many great runs not finding their target or being disrupted in their course. But eventually, after fighting frustrations and concentrating, the team saw number seven netted once again by Fergusson.

A controversial tackle on Edgar in the East Kilbride D seen Kelburne awarded with a penalty flick. After discussion, this was down-graded to a short corner, which penalty-taker Edgar utilised regardless, with a swift back post goal. 8 - 1.

The final Kelburne goal of the day came from goal-machine Fergusson yet again, his goal-wards strike becoming more and more formidable.

But in the dying seconds of the match, EK managed a late consolation goal to make the final score.

Full Time 9 - 2.

A great team performance in the first half seen all areas of the pitch excel. Keeper Robertson made some fantastic saves, closing down almost every ball which slipped by the defensive line. Led by Musky in centre-back, Morton, McKay, Lindsay and Godfrey put in a solid performance, with some great interceptions and tackles which greatly assisted in the setting up of the 9 goals. Midfield and Upfront positions used a combination of speed and skill to win the goals. Edgar, Ralph, Bremner, McCrae, Connor, McInnes, Fergusson and McNulty all made significant inputs to each play.

A disappointing second half lost some goal difference points but highlighted areas of weakness, which will no doubt be sorted out and improved by next week. A great win for the 3?s now sees them battling for first place in the league?a battle which they will not give up easily!