Kelburne U10's Retain West District Title

West District FITS Tournament - U10's

Kelburne had 2 squads in this years tournament and the "A" squad successfully retained their title. The very young "B" squad performed well and finished 4th.


Kelburne A 3 - 0 Clydesdale A
(Tony Fitzgerald, Alistair Urquhart, Laure Van Den Broeck)

Kelburne B 0 - 0 Western

Kelburne A 2 - 0 Western
(Alistair Urquhart, Tony Fitzgerald)

Kelburne B 1 - 2 Greenock

Kelburne A 4 - 0 Clydesdale
(Andrew McAllister 3, Laure Van Den Broeck)

Kelburne B 1 - 2 Clydesdale B
(Ross Wallace)

Kelburne A 0 - 0 Kelburne B

Kelburne B 2 - 0 Clydesdale A
(Ross Wallace, Robbie Edgar)

Kelburne A 5 - 0 Greenock
(Alistair Urquhart 3, Laure Van Den Broeck, Andrew McAllister)

Winning Squad

Alistair Urquhart
Rachel Bain
Andrew McAllister
George McMahon
Tony Fitzgerald
Laure Van Den Broeck
Sarah Van Den Broeck
Cameron McIntyre
Finn Halliday

COACHES: Adam McInnes & Ian McIntyre


Ellie Houston
Abbie Houston
Lewis Wilcox
Ciaron Wilcox
Robbie Edgar
Jay Berry
Georgia Coyle
Ros Wallace

COACH: Duncan McInnes

Special Thanks to Norrie Urquhart & Stevie Bain for assisting with Kelburnes umpiring duties.