U12's just lose out

West District FITS Tournament - U12's

Kelburne entered 2 squads in thsi years competition and narrowly failed to retain their title, with the "A" squad finishing runners up and the "B" squad finishing a creditable 5th.

2 highlights for Kelburne was 5 year old Jay Berry making a guest appearance in the "A" squads final match and scoring 2 goals, and for the "B" squad 8 year old Andrew McAllister played with great skill and determination.


Kelburne A 3 - 0 Greenock
(Alistair Urquhart 2, Aidan Fitzgerald)

Kelburne B 0 - 1 Clydesdale B

Kelburne A 4 - 0 Clydesdale B
(Aidan Fitzgerald 2, Ellise Berry 2)

Kelburne A 0 - 2 Clydesdale A

Kelburne B 0 - 1 Caledonian

Kelburne A 5 - 0 Kelburne B
(Bryony Coyle 3, Ellise Berry, Alistair Urquhart)

Kelburne B 1 - 3 Clydesdale A
(Lucy Wallace)

Kelburne A 4 - 1 Caledonian
(Aidan Fitzgerald 2, Ellise Berry, Alistair Urquhart)

Kelburne B 1 - 4 Western
(Andrew McAllister)

Kelburne B 1 - 0 Greenock
(Andrew McAllister)

Kelburne A 6 - 2 Western
(Jay Berry 2, Aidan Fitzgerald 2, Alistair Urquhart, Jenny Scott)

A Squad

Allistair Urquhart
Ellise Berry
James McPherson
Bryony Coyle
Jenny Scott
Aidan Fitzgerald
Jay Berry

COACH: Duncan McInnes

B Squad

Andrew McAllister
Kelly McCrear
Lucy Wallace
Rachel Bain
Taylor Bain
Tony Fitzgerald
Lewis Wilcox

COACH: Callum McNaught

Thanks to Jack McAllister and Norrie Urquhart for assisting with Kelburnes umpiring duties.