Mens Fives in Vital Victory

Kelburne Men's 5th XI: 3
Uddingston 3rd XI: 2

Kelburne began the match strongly and instantly began to pressure the Uddingston goalmouth, and the first shot of the match, from Neil Godfrey, narrowly missed the left post. Emboldened by the closeness of their first attempt at goal, Richard Donaldson made an incredible run down the left wing and powered a shot past the Uddingston keeper. Kelburne continued to pressure the goalmouth and were soon awarded a short corner which was turned away by some strong defending from Uddingston. Uddingston soon managed to get some attacks of their own, but were unable to get a good shot on goal. Kelburne continued their domination of the game and nearly scored their second goal of the game from a great move by Neil Godfrey and Jack  McAllister. Uddingston soon fought back and were rewarded a short corner, which they scored from on the rebound after the initial shot was saved by keeper Jonathan Barlow. The score now stood at 1 - 1.  Uddingston were quick to follow up with another goal, again from a short corner, that put them in the lead.  Kelburne, determined to regain their lead, began a series of attacks consistantly pressuring the Uddingston defence, including an incredible reverse shot from Willie Allan.

At half-time the score stood at 1 - 2.

Kelburne pushed the Uddingston defence from the start of the half, and began with a strong high penalty corner attempt from John Gerrard Shepherd, which was just saved by the Uddingston keeper. They continued to pressure the Uddingston deffence for the majority of the half, giving Uddingston few chances to attack, other than the occassional break away which was dealt with calmly by the defence and keeper. Kelburne's efforts were eventually rewarded, when Neil Godfrey finally slotted another shot into the back of Uddingston's net. This was quickly followed by another, scored this time by Willie Allan. Kelburne controlled the remainder of the match and gave Uddingston no opportunities to equalise.

At full-time the score stood at 3 - 2. Kelburne were extremely happy with this well deserved result. No men-of-the-match were named for this game, as coach Stevie Foster was unable to choose any from the team due to the high quality performance from every player.