Coaching and Umpiring: Your club needs you!

Without umpires you don't have a game and without good coaching you're unlikely to improve your hockey.

Both are obvious statements but both are areas that Kelburne wants and needs to work on. The hockey club's management committee sees developing umpiring and coaching at the club as a priority.

Umpiring: Why?

The club has far too few umpires and, as many of you will have noticed, we can sometimes struggle to cover all the games in a weekend. Some leagues now require every player in the league to be a qualified umpire and several clubs in Scotland have the target of having every playing member of their club able to umpire. Although umpiring is something many members haven't looked at in the past, the position the club has reached means that it's something we'd ask everyone at Kelburne to consider carefully.

Umpiring: How?

Completing the theory test and obtaining the first level ('C' badge) doesn't take much time or a huge amount of effort but would be a big contribution to the club. Once the results are in from this survey, the club will look to set up an appropriate number of 'craft' sessions. Details of these will be shared via the website, the forum and email.

Coaching: Why?

Kelburne is lucky to have several excellent coaches but there is always room for more. The coaches we have need support and there aren't a lot of qualified coaches in the club considering how successful we are.

Coaching: How?

Funding has been obtained from Scottish Hockey to support a number of Kelburne members through to a good level of coaching qualifications. Again, once we have an idea of interest from the responses to this survey, sessions will be set up to put interested members though the qualifications. Details of these will be shared via the website, the forum and email.

If you're interested, please contact a member of the committee, your team captain or post on the forum.