Mens 3s in Game of Two Halfs

Kelburne 3rd XI: 2
Strathclyde Uni 2nd XI: 2

Saturday 26th March, Bellahouston

What started as a fanastic, dominating performance from the 3'sslowly slipped to a disappointing draw at their home pitch.

Facing the young and fast Strathclyde Uni would always be a tough game, but the 3rd XI got into fighting spirits from the start, something they have been struggling to do in recent games. The ball was moved superbly round the defensive line, which this week saw a slight reshuffle in anticipation of a difficult match. After buying some time and space, Kelburne launched attacks down the wings. Great opportunities were created by the forwards, and one particular effort gained a short corner. This was recieved at back post by John Fergusson, who netted the home side's first goal.

With Kelburne keeping possession, any advances by Strathclyde were batted away by the defence, with some great play by keeper Robertson. Richard Morgan (right) even made a fantastic stand in keeper late in the half, when he flew in to intercept a goal-bound ball!

A second Kelburne game again came from a short corner and, again, Fergusson, who waited for the ideal moment to deflect a slipped ball.

Half Time: Kelburne 2 - Strathclyde 0.

The good result was not to continue for Kelburne in the second half, as play became less sharp and Strathclyde dominated more and more. Small mistakes made Kelburne pay hard, with Strathclyde pressing much more effectively, putting pressure on the whole team. After a scuffle in the Kelburne 'D', the Uni side managed to slip in their first goal.

Trying to keep their heads up, the 3's continued their efforts to retain a comfortable lead. Trying to secure a third goal sounded easier than it actually was, as after multiple attempts to break through the Strathclyde defence, the 3rd XI were destined for a draw. Errors in the by the home side on the attack left the defence open to a counter, and in the last minutes of the game, a goal by Strathclyde lead to a draw.

Full Time, Kelburne 2 - Strathclyde 2.

A very disappointing final score for Kelburne. After starting the game superbly and enforcing their dominance in the first half, it was a shock result to what seemed a promising match. But small mistakes were not to be left unpunished. Kelburne did, however, display some fantastic hockey in the first half, stringing together everything they had practised in the last few weeks. But hopefully, in the last few matches of the season, the boys can continue this sort of play throughout the whole match, and regain some confidence after this week's disappointment.