Fowler and Walker Lead the Way

Kelburne Mens 3s: 3
Clydesdale Mens 3s: 2

Saturday 10th April

After witnessing what has been described as their best hockey all season in the first half of the game against Strathclyde Uni, Kelburne set out this weekend to produce more of the same.

From the start, the ball was moved with the effectiveness of the last game, with the boys managing to keep the majority of the ball possession. The defensive line worked the ball until a space became clear, from which midfield charged for goal. 

The forwards had their work cut out for them with a fired-up opposition keeper in front of them. However, after securing a handful of short corners, it wasn?t long until Davie 'Musky' Fowler took it upon himself to sink Kelburne?s first goal. 

This gave the 3?s the boost they needed to continue their excellent form. Apart from a few positioning mishaps, the boys rarely put a foot wrong in the first half. Short corners and scoring opportunities were frequent, and equally, defence was similarly organised with the usual line-up working hard.

So hard, in fact, that late in the second half, centre-back 'Musky' assisted with another short corner, and yet again fired the ball past the keeper, putting Kelburne 2 goals clear for half time.

Half Time Kelburne 2 - Clydesdale 0.

The second half saw a slump in Kelburne?s performance, and before long, they were beginning to wonder if this match was heading the same way as last time. Clydesdale managed a goal near the start of the half.

With their morale slipping, the 3?s were shook into concentration after a kamikaze slide tackle by young keeper Barlow gave Clydesdale a penalty. Despite his best efforts, Clydesdale put the game into a 2-2 tie.

With not long to go, Kelburne regained focus and made sure to pick the correct options in play. After even more short corners and back-and-forth possession, McNulty (left) saw a chance, shot, and scored allowing Kelburne to once again take the lead.

Holding out until the end, the boys upped their defences in the last few minutes. The final whistle blew right after a short corner was given to Kelburne. Even with every player in the opposition?s half, the ball went wide of the post, and confirmed the final score.

Full Time Kelburne 3 - Clydesdale 2.

After a scare in the second half, Kelburne turned things round to succeed in bringing back their winning ways. Craig Walker?s appearance made a huge impact in the home- side?s fortunes and he set an example for every other player on the pitch. 

With only a few games left to play, let?s see the 3?s finish this year with a bang!