Womens 2s Continue Strong Season

Kelburne 2s: 1
Western Orange Sox: 2

13th March

Kelburne stepped out onto the Linwood astroturf against a strong Western side. With players in short supply for both teams, it would turn out to be a hard game. On the starting whistle Kelburne pushed hard and were rewarded with an early goal from Fiona McGowan. It became clear that there were many personal battles being fought on the pitch, Catherine McLaughlan putting up a worthy fight with an intimidating Western player. Jen Hendry was also a target for many having recently moved from Kelburne to join Western. After a turn over in possession, Western pulled back with an unimpressive goal, leaving the score 1-1 at half time.

A quick team talk and the team were back on for the second half. Kelburne seemed more composed in this half, and the passing picked up. However, nearer the end of the match, Western won a penalty corner in which they successfully found the back of the net. This was disappointing for Kelburne and the final score ended as 2-1 to Western. Although it was a loss, many positives were taken from the game and did not dishearten the team in their following game.

Kelburne 2s: 5
Cala B: 2

11th April

Kelburne stepped out into the sunshine at Bellahouston on Sunday hoping to pick up three points and avenge the lost points against Cala A from the week before. Kelburne started positively with Lyndsey Allan looking strong at sweeper but the young guns of Cala soon started to use their speed and won a number of penalty corners.

Christine then sent the Kelburne bench and spectators into rapturous applause with a spectacular reserve stick shot. It looked like the ball was getting away from her but she just managed to reach it sending the ball screaming into the goal passed a stunned Cala keeper. The only thing better than the goal was her celebration ? awesome!

The tide then began to turn back in favour of Cala, another penalty corner resulted in a flick, as it was alleged that Catherine McLaughlan stopped the ball with her foot on the line. Needless to say Catherine didn?t agree but the flick stood. The Cala striker then stepped up but Judith Crawford in the Kelburne goal was equal to the task and the score remained 1-0.

Kelburne struggled with the heat and were glad that they had two subs on the bench; did it really snow two weeks ago! Just before half time Cala managed to equalise from a well worked penalty corner, leaving the score 1-1 at half time.

Half time was a heated affair, potentially hotter than the weather, but the arguments, sorry, discussions seemed to raise Kelburne?s resolve and they stepped out for the second half with their heads held high. Unfortunately Cala made the better start and took the lead not long into the second half. Kelburne need not have feared as up stepped Rachel Ewing, not wanting to be out done by Christine and fired another reserve stick shot into the goal to give Kelburne the equaliser. Don?t work Christine my vote for goal of the season is still going to you.

Kelburne had scored two goals and both were reverse stick shots, obviously the influence of first team star striker Amy Hyslop was rubbing off on the team. There was no looking back after this and Kelburne soon scored a third from a penalty corner. A scrappy push out from the usually reliable Emma Barlow (AKA Lucy Beale, left) was rescued by McCrimmon who then passed to Frances McKeown who slotted the ball back to Emma Barlow who scored a cracking goal at the near post. It was like she had always planned it that way!!

Kelburne went on to win more corners and the straight strike role was passed to Emma Ryan who calmly slotted away her first and second strikes, albeit the second one needed a bit of help from the Cala post player. She almost scored with her third to make it three out of three; was that hat trick avoidance?

Next week is the last league game against Western Blue SOX, the league champions, on Saturday at 2.30pm at Bellahouston. A victory could help secure 3rd place in the league.