Finishing on a High

Kelburne 3s : 6
Stepps 2s: 2

Saturday 24th April, Bellahouston

With this being Kelburne?s last official game ofthe season, every member was raring to go, with 2nd place in the league at stake.

From the start, the boys set out aiming for a comfortable win against a team who beat them 5-0 a few months ago. This was to be a tough game, but with their finishing place resting on their performance, they knew what to do.

Moving the ball around well and keeping possession came easy to Kelburne, who had been working on this for the whole season. Not too far into the match, Ryan Edgar in an out-of-the-ordinary forward position took it upon himself to slip in an opening goal from the back post, with excellent passing in the D from the 3?s other forwards.

However, Stepps were not to give up already. Within minutes, a shock counter-attack saw an equaliser from the opposition, despite keeper Mark Robertson?s best efforts.

With the tension mounting, both teams applied pressure to ensure they took the lead in the first half. Kelburne defended excellently, with Stepps rarely getting a chance at goal. Their forwards however were wreaking havoc in the opponents? half of the pitch, with some fantastic set-pieces. Dave Magee was to be the second scorer for Kelburne, with a fantastic high strike.

Like clockwork, Stepps responded, and a slip-up in Kelburne?s defence led to an untimely second equaliser.

A tighter game than it first seemed, the 3?s had to step up their play. Ryan Edgar (left) again came to the rescue with a further two goals, minutes apart. The first saw him slide in to deflect a wide ball straight into the goal and the second bounced off the keeper and into the goal, taking off some of his kit in the process!

Half Time  Kelburne 4  - Stepps 2

After gaining dominance at the end of the second half, the 3?s kept the pressure on a deflated Stepps side.

Stepps? frustration was evident and a few questionable challenges were made. After a 15 minute stalemate, Dave Magee was yellow carded minutes before the umpire showed a Stepps player the same. With ten-on-ten, the match was starting to become more tight.

However, Andy Bremner netted Kelburne?s fifth goal after the 3?s newly practiced ball pace tore through the Stepps defence once again.

After the return of the yellow-carded players, a final home goal came courtesy of Adam McInnes, sealing the result.

Full Time  Kelburne 6  -  Stepps  2.

An excellent final performance from the 3?s gave them a lot to be proud of this season. Rolling subs allowed for every player to exhaust themselves on the pitch, and this was evident as each member contributed to the win. After beginning the match wary of their rival?s strength, the boys quickly proved who really is the better team. The defence and keeper solidly took care of oncoming threats, midfield moved the ball with precision and the forwards delivered the all-important goals.

Whilst not securing first place, the 3rd XI battled every week this year, losing only a few games and generally dominating most teams they faced. Players learned from mistakes and the team grew more stable and confident every week. Hopefully next year will be their year.