Women Triumph in Cup

Granite City Wanderers: 1
Kelburne Womens 2s: 2


After the long bus journey up to Aberdeen the Ladies 2XI were ready to give Granite City Wanderers a good fight for their place in the semi finals of the plate. 

The first half started a bit slow while both teams got into their stride. A strong GCW team put a lot of pressure on the Kelburne defence but to no avail. With Judith Crawford calling instructions to the wall of defence (Emma Ryan, Lyndsey Allan, Lyndsey Paxton-Steele and Stephanie Kirkland) and some cat like saves GCW couldn?t find a gap to penetrate through. Kelburne also worked hard up the pitch working together as a unit to break down the GCW resistance. With Kerri Nunnery on the right hand side and Francis McKeown on the left pushing the team forward and putting strain on the GCW defence Kelburne had many chances in the oppositions ?D? but were unable to convert these into goals. The team put up a good fight in the first half and all came off the pitch red faced and ready to start the second half with a bit more drive.

Catherine McLaughlin and Helen Paxton-Steele both instilled a sense of purpose and fire within the team during the half time team talk to encourage the team to go out there and fight for the win.

Both teams started the second half at a much higher tempo and the ball was pinged between the teams with no one really gaining the advantage. 5 minutes in the GCW defence managed to find a gap through the middle to get a long ball up to their high forward, who unexpectedly slotted the ball in the Kelburne goal. Not to be out done the Kelburne girls got their heads up and started to push even harder against the opposition. A fantastic ball was played from the back line, up the right hand side to Jen Owen (super sub) who gave a spectacular pass (then fell into a forward roll) to Kerri Nunnery (above) who using her skills to dance round the defence managed get a well placed cross straight at the goal. The GCW goal keeper went down to make the save allowing Jen Morgan to pick up the deflection, drag the ball back and flick the ball over the horizontal goal keeper into the back of the net.

All square and Kelburne with all the momentum they continued to drive and work superbly as a team, not giving GWC an opportunity to try and up their score. With the strikers Amanda Maxwell and Christine MacCrimmon working hard to create many more opportunities in the ?D? and a few dodgy decisions by the umpire, Kelburne were finally awarded a short corner for all their hard work. A good accurate push out was sent to Catherine McLaughlin at the top of the ?D?, a short roll over the white line and Francis McKeown stepped forward to make an unstoppable strike towards the back post, with a small deflection off a defender the ball sailed into the back of the net. With spirits high the Kelburne team continued the high tempo and strived to get another goal to finish off the game. In the dying minutes the ball was worked from the defensive line up the right hand side, working the one twos, Jen Morgan ended up with the ball five yards from the base line and a defender baring down on her, she managed to cross the ball across the front of the goal looking for Amanda Maxwell to make a dive at the keeper to slot the ball home, unfortunately she missed!!!

As the final whistle went the Kelburne Girls were ecstatic and ready to face St Andrews University next weekend in the semi-finals.