Top Scorer Going to the Wire

With most team's league campaigns concluded for season 09/10, there's an extraordinary three-way tie for the prestigious honour of Kelburne's top scorer. Former first team legend Gordon 'Beast' Menzies, current first team set-piece guru Josh Cairns and perennial chart-topper Alfie Gillies are neck-and-neck as a result of Menzies' late strike in Sunday's District Cup win over Gordonians and Gillies' double hat-trick in the 4s last match of the season.

However, Cairns has the advantage of one more game to play in the form of the Scottish Cup Final against Inverleith this Saturday at Peffermill. In an amazing achievement for the Cairns family, Josh's younger brother Jason ran him close by firing in a total of 26 goals to make him third top scorer in the club.

 Josh Cairns

 Gordon Menzies  28
 Alan 'Alfie' Gillies
 Jason Cairns  26
 Alan Gillies   22
 John Fergusson  21
 Kenny Bain  21
 Alan Forsyth  20
 Johnny Christie   16
 Chris McNulty   15
 Mark Ralph   15
 Michael Christie  15