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cape town
Early start (only 18 hours after the last game) and weather similar to Scotland's early summer.  The team seemed a little tired, but maybe they were getting focussed on the task ahead.  The legendary Dutch skills of 'trapping', passing, anticipating the pass, fouling, stick tackling and deliberate time-wasting were all in evidence, as were the traditional Scottish skills of backs to the wall, couldn't stop a bus, committedly aggressive in defence, why pass to navy blue when there's a lovely orange shirt available.

First half as last game, good shape, good communications, strong presence on the park resulting in 3 short corners for us (all brilliantly saved by an inspired Dutch keeper!!); then followed the sucker punch of a goal against (ball going well wide and deflected in off a Scots foot).  1-0 down at half time.  

Second half was also as last game - began to lose focus, was fitness an issue?, or were we becoming impatient with keeping the team shape.  Anyway we lost two quick goals and inevitably some heads went down.  The Dutch were very sociable after the game, as always.

At least we're consistent - 3-0 down again.  Now we have two days recovery time before Germany and England.