Alan in SA, Game 3 v Germany


Hartleyvale Olympic Hockey Centre

?The picture is Hartleyvale Olympic Hockey Stadium.  The 'Cape Doctor' was here today - a strong east wind that clears away the smog from the Cape Flats, but also brings showers.  We played past champions Germany - strong competitors and they have a skillful and physical approach to the game.  This of course didn't suit me (the skill part)! 

Anyway, we had re-shaped the team structure and the Germans found a weakness on our left side right away.  We lost a very early field goal (within 2 minutes), then played very well - a lot of time in their 22 - and lost a late short corner goal to leave the result at 2-0 down.  Although heads were down for part of the first half, we stuck to the plan and finished in a much more positive frame of mind.  Now we only have to deal with the world champions, the English.