Alan in SA, Game 4 v England

Next game in the hectic schedule is against the World Champs England.  We played 4-2-3-1 and tried to hold the English hordes at bay.  We were more bamboozled than they were to start with, and they scored three quick goals in the first 20 minutes - all field goals. 

We started to play very nice controlled hockey after that and even progressed into their D now and again.  So 3-0 at half-time and a chance to sort out some of our 'small-team' issues.  We then played a lot of the second half as much in their half as ours.  Much better. 

There were two instances of your correspondent being sent to the half-way line for being too quick for the English injector, but the remaining defenders seemed to manage just fine.  They scored a late short corner, but overall the 4-0 loss did not seem too devastating.  Surely we're not getting used to losing?

The next two games will decide where we finish in the ranking.  The first is against Germany on Wednesday and the next is against Netherlands on Thursday.  If we win both of these, we will then play a final on Friday.