Alan in SA, Game 6 v Netherlands

We've done it!  We scored a goal.  Now all we have to do is win a game.  We lost 3-1 but to put it in perspective, we're playing against Olympians and World Cup heros.  Their ability to control, move, pass, anticipate and tackle was reminiscent of the very best of Kelburne.  So, in 50 years time, it could be you.  We've thoroughly enjoyed the competition.  Getting beaten in every game seems more acceptable when the opposition is so good.  Finals Day tomorrow and it'll be great to watch England and Australia fight it out.  Not sure who to support.  I'm off to Australia on Saturday where I'm playing in the State Championships which is based in Western Australia.  I hope the medial ligament damage, the anterior ligament strain and the groin strain have repaired themselves by next Wednesday.

By the way, somebody called Thomas Bain built the main highway out of Cape Town called Victoria Road.  Any relative?