Alan in Busselton, Game 3 v Tasmania

Taking on the minnows of the competition, the Western Australia Country took the field with a little confidence and a newly formed forward line.  It started very well with total dominance of the midfield and a lot of chances from field play.  We had several short corners but no goals and open goals which were missed, seemingly impossibly.  The inevitable happened - they scored a freak goal from two consecutive back stroke (not reverse stick) passes in the D - think shinty reverse handed!
The second half began with more dominance, more short corners and the old "couldn't burst a wet paper bag" syndrome.  Eventually we did score a field play goal and continued to dominate for another twenty minutes without any positive result.  So the 1-1 draw was not a fair reflection of the game, but was a fair reflection of our inability to score.  Four points from three games does not seem very good, but other teams are dropping points as well.
We play Victoria tomorrow morning and they are traditionally one of the top three.  What will happen next?