Ladies' 2nd XI Penalty Saviour! (from early October)

3-10-2010 Cup Game v Dundee Wanderers
Final score Kelburne 3 Dundee Wanderers 3
Flick Score Kelburne 4 Dundee Wanderers 2

The Kelburne ladies meet at the club for an early start to go up to Dundee for this vital cup match. With only have 9 players the teams morale seemed to be low at the fact we had to travel for hours to this game, with the odds of us winning against us.

Beginning the match we had a solid defence with Jude and Catherine as our last players. They, along with the rest of the defence, were put under serious pressure from the start as it did not matter how many times Catherine shouted "MARK!!" there was always going to be two extra players which couldn't be marked. As we gained possession of the ball we dominated the pitch. Great play up the right hand side between Jen Morgan, Amanda Maxwell and Emma Barlow gave us the confidence we needed to up the moral of the team!

The game progressed on with many attacks and a lot more defending! With the game still 0-0 a real surge of energy was needed from the team to get the result we needed and deserved. The ball was played down the middle with Amanda Maxwell charging towards to D where she dropped the ball to Christine McCrimmon on the base line, who committed the goalie to diving when she sneakily passed it back to Emma Barlow who smashed the ball into the back of the net.

The Wanderers weren't happy and fought back with another two goals.

With time still on our side the Kelburne girls did not give up. When she questioned the umpire with some colourful language why she had been carded he had no response. Our second goal was scored when Barlow took it up on herself to get us another goal. Getting the ball on the right where she turned our 9 man team into a one man team and single handily dribbled the ball past the wanderers and struck at goal, here another member of the team stepped up and took the final touch of the ball to ensure it went into the goal. Christine MacCrimmon never does miss her shots on post!

Shortly after this they scored again. Now time was not on our side. With our masses of attacking we won a penatly flick. Barlow took the responsibility of the flick, and as expected scored.

We have always agreed as a team that we don't mind drawing cup games as we have the best goalie who we can rely on for flicks.  We were all confident of Jude as the final whistle went and we were only at 3-3. Our flicks were taken by Catherine McLaughlin, Emma Barlow, Lyndsay Allan and Lynsey Steele - who pulled through for the team and scored each one! Jude was our saviour though as she saved the wanderers flicks with only 2 getting past her!

Great performance everyone!