Ladies' 2nd XI Secure Cup Win!

24/10/10 Cup Game v Aberdeen Ladies.
Final score Kelburne 2, Aberdeen Ladies 1.

The Aberdeen road trip began at 10am on a cold Sunday morning, as the girls and supporters boarded the mini bus. Aquick stop to pick up Lynsey PS at 11am and the team was complete (with 9 PLAYERS).
With the game due to begin at 3pm we arrived with plenty preparation time and even an insight into the depths of Hissy's love of energy drinks. With the formation and positions comfirmed as a 3-4-1 it was time to get on the pitch. With the frezing wind chill factor of Aberdeen to contend with, we ran through our warm up and stick work eager to get started. Then the RAIN began (OMG it was cold).

The battle began at 3. With the initial pressure from Aberdeen soaked up by the kelburne players we soon broke for a quick counter attack. This resulted in us winning a penalty corner. Hissy injected the ball and with a clean stop from McCrimmon and an accurate strike form Emma Ryan the goal was scored. This is where the umpiring saga began. As we celebrated then looked toward the umpire to see she was signaling for a long corner!!!! WHAT!??? was the cry from McCrimmon, after a quick umpiring discussion the goal was awarded.

At 1-0 up we settled into the game, exploiting all the free space and playing some really great hockey. Molly on the left and Drew on the right provided the team with great options for wide passes and some beutiful work from Hissy and Amanda enabled our passing game to flow. As always Jude and her defence put in strong tackles and smart clearances allowing the ball to move up the park to our lone stricker who, held the ball in wait for support then played some smart passes on for the attacking midfielders. It wasn't long before some quick passing hockey gave Hissy a shooting opportuninty. SCORE (2-0)!

Second half is where the fun began. Umpiring decisions  (hmmmmm?????). That's all i'll say. At one point Hissy got smacked across the legs only for the umpire to call play on. The ever loyal Panda at this point sees the red mis and shortly after sees the green card (number 2 in 2 games!!!). Kelburne go to 8 players with Hissy centre defence!!! 2 mins later back to full strength of 9. Only to have McCrimmon who has had to deal with almost every decision (wrongly) going against her, or blatenet fouls on her let go by the umpires, finally exclaiming "WHAT!!!" and the umpire showing her Yellow! Back to 8.

At some point when we had 9 on the pitch they got a goal. 2-1. The defence had a lot to do in the 2nd half but tended to keep there cool (apart from Cath taking out a player and Emma nearly breaking her nose with the ball). We had to defend what felt like 100 corners most of which were very dubious decisions, but with Amanda feeling like she was at sprint training she was out fast and Judith had some fantastic saves with the defence mopping up everything else. At this point, I feel mainly due to umpiring decisions, the game became dangerous with physical hard tackles and tempers running high on both sides.  But Kelburne kept their cool and finished defending with strength and attacking at speed.

Final score 2-1 (scorers Emma Ryan & Amy Hyslop)

Then more drama - supporters (namely Mr James Maxwell) got spoken to (rumour is threatened with a red card but this was not actually given) for his priceless comment as we exited the pitch to him shouting - Well done girls & you won even with 9 players against 13.
Nice one James.