1st XI Ladies secure top spot in League!


23rd Oct 2010
Dundee Wanderers Vs Kelburne
Venue: Riverside, Dundee

Following the disappointment of the previous week the Paisley side travelled to Dundee with determination that they would not return with anything less than 3 points.

The game began at a high tempo showing that the Dundee side wished to start their league campaign with a win. Both sides were evenly matched calling both Goal Keepers into action. Cath Rae, Kelburne keeper, made several spectacular reaction saves to the frustration of Wanderers. However internationalist Vicky Bunce made a breaking run through the right of the Kelburne defence and scored great solo goal.

Undetered Kelburne restarted with the same energy as the first whistle putting the Wanderers defense under pressure. The equaliser came from striker Claire McFarlane who made a baseline run and slotted the ball past the Wanderers Keeper. This filled the Kelburne side with confidence and soon it appeared that the home team were rattled. This was evident when Kelburne Captain Laura Wrightson broke through the middle of the pitch into the opposition?s circle and was on the receiving end of a flurry of harsh tackles. This prompted umpire Irene Clelland to award Wrightson and penalty flick which she calmly put by the keeper. The first half ended with the visitors a head.

The 2nd half began with the Kelburne side feeling firmly in the driving seat. Coach Paul McGuire had ironed out a few issues the side were experiencing and to great success. Much of the game took place in the mid section of the pitch with neither side creating any real goal scoring chances. However Kelburne did stretch their lead by producing some magnificent passing play up the left hand side of the pitch which culminated in a fantastic reverse stick cross from Amy Hislop which found McFarlane at the back post to score her second of the game.

The final attack came from Wanderers who in the last few minutes of the game succeeded in a gaining a short corner. The shot came in high from Bunce but this was deflected off the line by Kelburne defender Frances Mckeown.

Kelburne Ladies have now enjoyed winning 4 out of the 5 games they have played this season securing them the top spot in the league.