Mens 3's Lose 100% Win Record


Monklands vs Kelburne

The 3s with an away day up at stepps had a cold, wet day to enjoy. With the slightly later push back Kelburne and Monklands were going into this game with 100% record against their name in the league so both teams were wanting victory.

The first half started with a good passages of play by both teams with end to end chances and with the odd few "controversial" umpiring decisions. However Monklands were the team that drew first blood with a pass spliting the defense and passed into the goal.1-0 to the home side just before half time.

half time score 1-0

with that goal kelburne were determind to bounce back and were pressing the monklands defence winning short corners and fouls but all this effort was to count for nothing. From a kelburne short corner monklands managed to break and catch out the kelburne defence and slip the ball past the kelburne keeper once more. 2-0.
Kelburne now having to show character and try and get back into this game with passing from C.Walker and A.McInnes the more likely to come up with something special. but it was no to be with a misjudged pass from the former captain A.Ralph. the monklands were in agauin and scored another. 3-0.
Coming to the end of the game kelburne weren't giving up, still trying to get something from this game but it just wasn't their night with yet again another goal from home side finished the game off. 4-0

Monklands 4-0 Kelburne

Dissappointing night for kelburne but with a home game at bella against Glasgow Accies next week they will be aiming to bounce back and regain the top of the table.

Mark Connor