Men's 2nd XI Keep Clydesdale At Bay!

Clydesdale 2nd XI (1) v Kelburne 2nd XI (3)

26 February 2011

The 2nd XIarrived at Clydesdale?s pitch only to find the push back was delayed by half an hour due to late running fixtures. When the game got underway it was Clydesdale who quickly put Kelburne under pressure, pushing Kelburne back on several occasions. Fortunately, Kelburne?s defence was more than a match for Clydesdale?s forward line, and soon the Kelburne midfield began to assert themselves, driving forward at every opportunity. In the few minutes following Kelburne?s first short corner, which was saved by Clydesdale, Kelburne created a number of attacks, but continued to find it difficult to break through a determined Clydesdale defensive line.

Colin Bryce, who didn?t start due to a niggling hamstring, was introduced into the action and shortly afterwards Kelburne forced another short corner. Following some frantic goalmouth action Kelburne won a penalty when the ball hit a Clydesdale player?s foot on the goal line. Gordon Menzies stepped up to face the Dale keeper, and firmly put the ball low into the goal: 0-1 Kelburne.  Kelburne were now fully in their stride, with quick breaks resulting in first Ed Greaves, and then Jason Cairns, both coming close to making it 0-2. Clydesdale, however, were dangerous on the break, and the competitive edge which is always present when the two clubs meet never disappeared. Half-time ended 0-1.

Kelburne started the second half the way they finished the first, pressing forward in search of the important second goal. Their relentless pressure soon paid dividends when excellent work by Bryce in the ?D? resulted in Fraser Hutchison calmly slotting the ball past the Clydesdale keeper. Within minutes Kelburne?s constant pressing had forced yet another short corner. From the push-out Menzies collected the ball and walked it past two Clydesdale defenders before coolly stroking it into the net for Kelburne?s third goal. 0-3.

Kelburne were dominant now, and seemed the most likely team to score. Throughout the game, however, Clydesdale put in a gritty performance and were threatening on the break. In one such break a long through ball found a ?Dale forward who finished to make the score 1-3. Despite Kelburne seeking out a forth goal, and winning another short corner in the dying seconds, the game finished 1-3 to Kelburne.

by Jack