Clean Sweep for Kelburne Juniors

Kelburne Juniors won all 3 West District titles on offer at Bellahouston today.
The U10's were exceptional winning all 6 matches without conceding a goal as Kelburne retained the title won last year.
The U12 squad followed the example set by the U10's winning all their 6 matches to regain title and Kelburne's clean sweep was confirmed when they defeated Clydesdale in the U14 final to complete a fantastic treble.
Thanks to the large support from the Kelburne parents, and also to Willie Marshall for his assistance.
U10 Results

Kelburne 3 - 0 Stepps A (Finn Halliday 3)
Kelburne 2 - 0 Greenock (Ivan De Bjorkley 2)
Kelburne 5 - 0 Caledonian (Kieran Willcox 2, Finn Halliday 2, Adam McLaughlan)
Kelburne 2 - 0 Clydesdale A (Finn Halliday, Ivan de Bjorkley)
Kelburne 2 - 0 Clydesdale B (Jay Berry, Andrew McAllister)
Kelburne 4 - 0 Stepps B ( Finn Halliday 3, Andrew McAllister)


Cameron McIntyre
Ellie Houston
Finn Halliday
Andrew McAllister
Jay Berry
Robbie Edgar
Tony Fitzgerald
Ivan De Bjorkley
Ciaran Willcox
Adam McLaughlan

COACH: Willie Marshall

U12 Results
Kelburne 5 - 0 Stepps A (Rachel Bain 3, Ellise Berry, Ally Urquhart)
Kelburne 4 - 1 Greenock A (Ellise Berry 2, Ally Urquhart, Aiden Fitzgerald)
Kelburne 4 - 0 Caledonian (Aiden Fizgerald 3, Neil McIntyre)
Kelburne 3 - 0 Clydesdale A (Aiden Fitzgerald 3)
Kelburne 3 - 0 Greenock B (Neil McIntyre 3)
Kelburne 2 - 0 Clydesdale B (Ellise Berry, Aiden Fitzgerald)


Angus Laing
James McPherson
Ed McGuire
Rachel Bain
Taylor Bain
Ellise Berry
Aiden Fitzgerald
Alistair Urquhart
Neil McIntyre

COACH: Duncan McInnes

U14 Results
Kelburne 5 - 0 Clydesdale B (Aiden Fitzgerald 2, Fabian Goldie 2, Neil McIntyre)
Kelburne 3 - 0 Stepps A (Neil McIntyre 2, Aiden Fitzgerald)


Kelburne 2 - 0 Clydesdale A (Hayley Skimming, Fabian Goldie)


Angus Laing
Briony Coyle
Ellie Halliday
Fabian Goldie
Ellise Berry
Neil McIntyre
Aiden Fitzgerald
Hayley Skimming
Alistair Urquhart
Ed McGuire
James McPherson

COACHES: Duncan McInnes Willie Marshall