3rd XI In Cup Game Goal Frenzy!

Hillhead 4XI vs Kelburne 3XI

With kelburne losing their previousleague game against hillhead 3XI and decreasing their chances of a league tiltle. The cup run was still going strong and they wanted to prove a point against hillhead 4XI. With talented youngsters coming into the squad such as; Jack McKenzie, Andrew Duff, JG Shepherd and Connor Bain to inject a bit more youth into the team and with the return of the super trio upfront with Billy Anderson and Mark Connor coming back to join Chris McNulty gave a strong attacking side.

Straight from the whilstle kelburne showed their domanance, winning countless short corners and it wasn't long before they were awarded a penalty flick from a shot by C.McNulty that was saved on the line by a defender on the line but unfortunately with his body. Kelburne didn't take this chance to take the lead as C.McNulty didn't even manage to get the flick on target therefore missing the goal. This didn't stop Kelburnes' attitude to the game and continued the pressure on Hillhead with great passing down the flanks by R.Edgar and Jack McKenzie. Finally there was a break through with an amazing run from JG Shepherd to get to the base line and cut it back into the Hillhead D for a easy tap in for "scored in every game played" Billy Anderson. 0-1 Kelburne.
Even with the score at 0-1 Kelburne wasn't backing down and with Mark Connor "dribbling" past defenders winning fouls in the last 3rd of the pitch Jack McKenzie wanted the ball early from one of these free hits and received it at the top of the D and with a very composed finish into the bottom corner of the goal Kelburne found themselves 0-2 up.
Hillhead tried to cause problems but with great tackling from A.Bremner in midfield and from R.Reid, R.Morgan and A.Ralph in defence it was really hard from them to break through the very strong Kelburne side. Kelburne were then awarded their 2nd penalty of the game....this time JG-Shephard stepped up and thankfully didn't repeat C.McNulty by slipping the ball into the bottom left corner. 0-3 Kelburne. half time was drawing nearer and kelburne were still putting the pressure on. the fourth goal came from a very well worked routine of a short corner with C.McNulty hitting it at the top of the D for a deflection for "goal scoring spree" A.Bremner. kelburne 0-4

Half-time, 0-4.

The second half was a very slow start for kelburne and hillhead took this chance to try a sneak a goal back, with great fast, first time passing hillhead got themselves a goal. 1-4

This didn't stop kelburnes' hunger for goals with more and more oppurtunities coming thick and fast. the first great chance came to M.Connor with a good run from C.McNulty and pulled it back for an easy goal for the promising striker..however M.Connor was not able to take this chance by missing the ball altogether. but it wasn't long before he found himself back infront of the goal and converted the ball with ease past the keeper. 1-5.
Kelburne yet again managed to win another penalty flick and it was this time taken by A.Bremner who just managed to slip it past the keeper and put kelburne 1-6 up.
As hillhead were getting tired Kelburne got better with brilliant leads from M.Connor, A.Duff upfront and C.Bain from the back kelburne got themselves another goal with a darting run from C.McNulty to pass it back post were A.Duff was waiting to guide the ball into the goal. 1-7
Another chance was then set up for Kelburne with a hit into the D, both A.Bremner and M.Connor managed to miss the ball at the back post and were left mistified on how it happened but again M.Connor got yet another chance to score with a pass from C.McNutly left him 1 on 1 with the keeper and he wasn't missing for the 3rd time and put the ball in the goal for his 5th in 3 games. 1-8

Kelburne was then winning short corners for fun and one was converted by A.Bremner with another deflection. 1-9.
Young Guns; J.McKenzie,B.McKay, A.duff, JG.Shepherd and C.Bain seemed to not know the meaning of tiredness as they were moving in and out of defenders with ease and with a gut bursting run from C.Bain he was rewarded with giving A.Bremner his 4th of the game with a nice, flat pass to the back post. 1-10
Full time was near but Kelburne weren't done just yet. A.Bremner getting his 5th of the game with a well composed "pass" to the back post were A.Ralph wanted the ball but instead wandered into the goal. 1-11

full time 1-11

with kelburne winning sees them into the last 8 and surely strong favourites to win the cup.

winning team ;

1. David Ogilvie
2. Andy Bremner
3. Chris McNulty
4. Alan Ralph
5. Richard Morgan
6. Ross Reid
7.Brodie McKay
8. Ryan Edgar
9. Billy Anderson
10. Mark Connor
11. Jack McKenzie
12. Andrew Duff
13. JG Shepherd
14. Connor Bain

by Mark