Skydiving for the Clubhouse and Charity

Several brave club members are doing a skydive to try and raise money for the clubhouse building fund. As am sure you are all aware the club needs a lot of work, some of it serious structural work, and there are no surplus funds from either the hockey or the cricket to cover this.

The skydive takes place on the 23rd of July so please log on to the Just Giving site and donate a few (or many) pounds.

In conjunction with the club the friends of the Beatson cancer centre will also benefit from the money raised. The reason that this charity has been chosen is that a club member recently lost her dad to leukaemia and he attended the Beatson for treatment so they thought it fitting to donate to this charity.

We need to all get behind the girls on this so that the clubhouse can hopefully remain standing. Please pass this message onto anyone you know and post the Just Giving link on your Facebook/Twitter/wherever so that we can try and raise as much money as possible.

There is also a night on at the club this Saturday for the Champions League final with promos, food and so on, so if you have no plans please pop down for a while.