Paisley Buddies, Your Golden Oldies, 2011

Peffermill, Edinburgh, 2011

The Paisley Buddies (Men)

The motto of the Festival (not a tournament!) was ?Fun, Friendship and Fraternity?.  Anyone over 35 counts as a Veteran.  When you enter your team, you?re asked to choose between ?competitive, semi-competitive or social?.  You?ll be surprised to learn that we chose competitive!

Teams from all over the world gathered in Edinburgh at Peffermill on Monday 18th July 2011.  They came from as far afield as Canada, Fiji, Australia, England, Hong Kong, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, Argentina, The Bahamas, The United States and South Africa.  Surprisingly for a ?home fixture?, we were the only Scottish Men?s team.  There was a women?s team called Furry Boots (mainly Aberdeen) - from the Doric ?faur a-boots? ? which was actually brought together by an ex-pat who lives in Calgary, Canada.  There were to be seven games in all.

Our team contained legendary Kelburne names from the past and the present ? Stuart Banford, Stevie Bain, Alan Bryce, Mike Carnachan, Dick Donaldson, David Fowler, Ronnie McGuire, Duncan McInnes, Frank Morgan, Gordon Robbie, Don Tervit and Ian Wilson.  That?s 12 names.  We were also very fortunate to have guest players  ? Keith Joss (Hillhead), Alan Auld (Vets), Scott Baird (Uddingston), Allan Golightly (Vets), Hew Bishop and Mike McInally (Dunfermline Carnegie), Ken Moore (Vets), Colin Tucker (Vets) and Peter Robertson (Greenock!).  You?ll realise that that?s 20 names (on paper).  For various reasons, we had only 12 players for our four games on Monday and Wednesday, which meant we decided to use our wild card (Gerry Toner).  On Friday, on the other hand, we had a positive horde ? Russell Garcia must have known because he came to watch.

Vital to the team were Gerry Toner as our umpire and manager and Justine Greaves (Ed?s mum) as our physio.  They were both invaluable ? Gerry played in three of the games for goodness sake!  Justine kept us together physically and mentally and also brought her photographer husband ?Snowdon? Greaves along (samples below) on Friday.

We finished the tournament unbeaten and played some glorious hockey.  Everyone bonded very well as a team. 

Our Results ? beat South Africa 1-0, beat New Zealand 9-0, drew 1-1 with the Irish Gamesters, drew 2-2 with the Celtic Tigers, beat the States team (Privateers) 5-2, beat the Germans 5-0 and beat The Netherlands 6-1.  Not that winning matters much, of course. 

I?d like to thank all those who supported the venture, including Harry Coles and Aileen Yates.  Scottish Hockey verged on the helpful, particularly Toby Carless.  But most of all, my teammates deserve a lot of credit for their loyalty, their team mentality and not least for their skills, which they were surprised at times were still available.  Well done everyone!  Next stop Hawaii.

Alan Bryce