3rd XI in Comfortable Win

Kelburne 3rd XI      vs      Helensburgh
          9                  -               3

Kelburne 3rd XI travelled to Helensburgh to begin their West District Division 1 title quest with a much changed team from last year. Former 1st XI Captain Michael Carnachan, returned to Kelburne's colours for the first time in a few seasons.

Kelburne took control of the match from the whistle, and won their first short corner within the first few minutes. The attacks continued with the same strength, and Kelburne continued to win more corners. Willie Allan and Miles Goldie began to embarrass the Helensburgh defence with their frequent and skilled runs onto goal.
Finally after their relentless attacks on goal, Don Tervit finally managed to score Kelburne's first goal 15 minutes into the game when he picked up on a rebound form the keepers pads to tap into the goal. Kelburne's attacking domination continued with further attempts from Don Tervit, Duncan McInnes and Neil McIntyre putting pressure on Helensburgh's defence. It did not take long for Kelburne to double their lead when Duncan McInnes passed the ball to Don Tervit who slotted his and Kelburne's second goal.
A third followed almost immediately when 12 year old Neil McIntyre scored at the back post after fine work by Don Tervit. 
Helensburgh began their comeback, breaking on Kelburne's defence, challenging goalkeeper Jonathan Barlow, who dealt with the first shot but was unable to stop the subsequent rebound.
Kelburne retaliated straight away winning a series of short corners, one of which was eventually put away by Duncan McInnes when his shot was deflected past the burgh keeper.

At half-time the score stood at 4 - 1.

Kelburne broke on Helensburgh from the moment the second half started, and Don Tervit scored his third goal of the game within minutes of the start.

Helensburgh were not going down without a fight though, and fought back scoring their second goal during a scramble in front of Kelburne?s goal. Encouraged by this effort Helensburgh continued their fight back, and managed to score their third goal despite a great clearance on the line from Brodie MacKay.
Kelburne responded immediately with veteran Duncan McInnes second goal of the game when he picked up a long pass from Michael Carnachan and ran into "D" and crashed the ball home. Kelburne continued to attack Helensburgh and soon JG Shepherd made his mark on the game with a goal 20 minutes into the second half.
Helensburgh tried to combat this wave of attacks, but they were incapable of doing so and all they got in return was a green card.
Kelburne took advantage of this situation and scored their eighth goal of the game through Willie Allan.
As the end of the match approached Kelburne had time for a final goal, which was slotted into the bottom corner by Fabian Goldie.
Full credit to the young Kelburne squad though special mention to Miles Goldie who dominated the match and his strong running was a constant thorn in the side of the Helensburgh squad and whos efforts deserved a goal.
At full-time the score stood at 9 - 3.
Next week skipper Alan Ralph returns as the 3rds get ready to face the 4th XI at Bellahouston.