Kelburne versus Kelburne: 3s show the 4s some tough love!

Saturday 17th September 2011
Kelburne Men 3s: 4
Kelburne Men 4s: 0

The game started with the 4's all over the 3's. The 4's got a short corner for their efforts but it was saved by Johnny and quickly cleared. The first half was very short of chances on goal, as the 3's eventually woke up and started to even out the game.
Half time 0-0
The second half started just the way the first ended, with both teams pushing for that first goal. The first goal was scored due to Neil beating a defender and passing the ball back post for Ryan to place in the bottom corner. This gave the 3's the confidence they needed and started to play better. The second goal came from a solo effort from Micheal running top D and slotting it by the keeper. Another solo attempt from JG down the baseline left him open to play a tight shot into the goal. The final goal came from great play by Conor at right back creating space for miles to run baseline and cut it back to JG standing alone at top D who hammered the ball home.
Full time 4-0

Match report by Miles Goldie (Kelburne 3s)