Mens 2s star in "The Joy of Six"!

Saturday 8th October 2011 
Kelburne 2nd XI: 6 
Watsonians 2nd XI: 0

This week, the Kelburne squad travelled to Edinburgh to face the bottom of thetable but yet determined Watsonians. Despite the miserable weather, Kelburne set out to improve on an already considerable goal difference.
The game began as it usually does, with Kelburne dominating and creating numerous chances, but being unable to capitalise. As the Edinburgh side were choosing to defend only the centre of the pitch, the Kelburne side began to drive into the corners of the pitch; however poor communication and bad decision making resulted in some of the younger members of the team becoming isolated, and losing the ball while trying to fend of numerous challenges. The first effective play of the game came from Josh Cairns, who easily took the ball past five Watsonians in a incredible display of stickwork, and won a penalty corner. However, the away team failed to beat the stout defence. Shortly afterwards, Fraser Hutchison was struck hard on the side of the head from a Watsonian free hit, and was forced onto the bench for the time being. Despite this, Kelburne managed to finally break through the Watsonian defence, and won a penalty flick. Gordon Menzies stepped up to the spot, and smoothly played the ball past the keeper into the bottom left corner.

Halftime ? Kelburne 1, Watsonians 0

With Hutchison back on the field, Kelburne set out with a new vigour, and Cairns quickly doubled the Paisley sides lead with a reverse stick strike that screamed over the keepers head. He quickly followed this up when, after a few failed attempts to beat the keeper at close range, he scored a diving reverse from the baseline. After a few minutes of clean passing around the back, Cairns again proved vital in breaking through the Watsonian team. A lifted pass from Cairns found young Jack McKenzie at the top of the circle. The youngster then proceeded to strike the still air-bound ball past a baffled Edinburgh keeper. However, the thrashing wasn?t over yet, and after a Watsonian player was sent to the sinbin for a controversial challenge, Kelburne drove in and won another penalty corner. Cairns, now fully in his stride, had no problem in sending the Edinburgh defence reeling with a perfectly placed drag flick. With only a few minutes left of play, the Kelburne side were stringing together several impressive passing combinations. One of these dazzling displays left the Watsonians completely beaten, and Fraser Hutchison had no problem in deflecting the ball past a soundly beaten keeper. After the final whistle had blown, keeper Mark Robertson expressed his disappointment at the game, as he hadn?t needed to make a single save!

Full Time ? Kelburne 6, Watsonians 0

Kelburne?s next game is at home against Edinburgh Caledonian on Saturday 15th of October.

Match Report by Harry Godfrey