Singapore Masters Tournament

sengkang hockey stadium

Scotland Over-60s (!) are in a pool of 4 - used to be 8, but political (eg India) and financial (eg Italy) reasons means we're left with us, Australia, England and New Zealand, who we play twice each. Temperatures are 30-32 degrees with high humidity. So far no rain during play. Games are being played in 4 quarters. Usual International rules.

First game v World Champions England (immediately following the Opening Ceremony) at 1830 hrs, so plenty of spectators to see us beaten 5-0.

At this stage, it might be worth mentioning that our goalie is George Black who is an unbelievable 85.

Today we played Australia, the World Cup runners up, at 0800 hrs today (Sunday). We played very well and were beaten 5-0 - bit of a theme developing here.

We have 5 Aussie guests from Western Australia Country and they're making a big difference to our approach to each match. They are folk I've played with over the last two years in the State Championships and it's great to meet my 'mates' again.

Another factoid - Damien Arley came over from Oz to play for Kelburne two years ago with two mates, and loved it (especially the standards set at training and in games). His father was playing for Oz Over-60s. Small world!
Next up: the Kiwis.