Mens 2s hit Hillhead for Six!

Saturday 29th October 2011
Kelburne Mens 2nd XI: 6
Hillhead 2nd XI           :1

Hillhead started off strong but lost possession to Kelburne's defence early on.With Kelburne looking for their first goal Hillhead struggled to break through Kelburne's press. At times there looked to be more yellow jerseys on the pitch than black. In the tenth minute still with most of the possession Kelburne broke through the Hillhead defence and Fraser Hutchison scored the first goal of the game. Hillhead looked unable to get the ball from Kelburne players but then one of their players made a lucky tackle and Hillhead were quickly on the break but missed their chance.

First short corner was awarded to Hillhead which resulted in a goal from their number 37 to equalise in the 12th minute. Kelburne were on the attack again; even with the rain now teaming down Kelburne pressed on. Short corner awarded to Kelburne, but missed through Duff not making it to the back post in time for Bomber's hit. Hillhead were unable to make it out of their own half due to a brilliant tackle from Michael Nicol who then sprinted up the pitch to win a short corner. Short corner was scored from a deflection by Ewan into the back of the net. 2-1 to Kelburne in the 21st minute.

With Hillhead feeling the pressure after Kelburne taking the lead, Kelburne continued to keep Hillhead in their own half. Kelburne were awarded a penalty in the 28th minute which Beast stepped up to take. Whilst the umpires were discussing things the team could see that Beast was getting impatient and wanted to put the ball in the goal. Once the umpires had finished talking, Beast slotted the ball into the bottom right corner to put Kelburne 3-1 up.

Harry's attempt was kicked away by their keeper but only as far as big Fraser, whose shot was saved by the keeper but put straight to Harry's stick. Harry then calmly put the ball into the back of the goal. With Kelburne keeping up the pressure they then won the ball back, the ball then went to Harry who made a brilliant pass to Miles down the line, Miles then ran in to score making the score 5-1 at half time.

Second half started and straight away Kelburne won possession and were on the attack despite a monsoon now in full flow, but did not put the ball in the goal. After a great tackle by Carmichael he pushed up the pitch, and passed to Lee who slotted in goal number 6. After winning back possession McKenzie won a short corner after some great passing between him and McAllister. Short corner was put wide. With some good play between Ed and Jack McA Kelburne came close to scoring again, but narrowly missed. McKenzie made a tackle, passed to Ed who shot at goal but at the same time let go of his stick which hit Lee who went in for a back post deflection. The sun came out and the rain stopped just before the whistle blew to end the match, making the final score 6-1 to Kelburne.
Match Report by Duff Man