From the Malay peninsula...

This little pimple on the Malaysian mainland is very successful and very industrious - loadsamoney here. Did you know that you need a Government permit to be able to buy a car? People who are indigenous (ie not British, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, etc) are called Peranakan...

This report comes earlier than before because the Singapore weather has changed from wall-to-wall sunshine in 34 degrees heat to a torrential, vertical downpour accompanied by dramatic thunder and lightning - and the temperature has plummeted to 30 degrees.

Hockey?  Oh yeah, the hockey. We played New Zealand today, lost 5 but actually scored 1. We seem to lose very easy goals immediately following substitutions. None of the games are as one-sided as the scores suggest.

Rest day tomorrow and then we play the same sides again. By the way, England beat Australia 2-1. This confirms their relative rankings as 1 and 2 in our 'Masters' world.

I'll namecheck our Aussies - Allan Lynn (Busselton) and Geoff McNeill (Albany) in one room, Ken Walter (Perth) and Alistair McNab (Victoria) share another, and Robbie McNab (Bunbury) and Len Collier (Perth) share the final room. We're very honoured to have these very skilled and experienced players to help us out. These men are 'local' Western Australians - if you look at a map of Western Australia, you'll see why 'local' is in inverted commas!

Rain's nearly off - I'm going to the pool for a sunbathe and a swim.