Mens 3s put four past Clydesdale

Saturday 5th November 2011
Kelburne Mens 3rd XI: 4
Clydesdale 3rd XI: 1

Following the disappointing early cup exit and the return of their captain, the 3s were looking now to continue their league form in the bitter cold at home to Clydesdale. The game started slow and didn't really get going, with a few loose passes and unforced errors. A few half chances went to both teams but the breakthrough came 10 mins in when a impressive passage of play, going through the whole team, was eventually finished off by a deflection off Andy Bremners' stick from a really good pass by Jason Cairns. Clydesdale weren't fazed by this at all and were still pushing the defence to their limits with Alan Ralph coming back from the midfield to make some crucial tackles.  Clydesdales' best chance was wasted when a pass split the defence wide open and a two-on-one against the keeper was missed. That chance could've got Clydesdale back in the game but instead Kelburne made a chance of their own with good passing between A.Bremner and recently returned to the squad B.Anderson to set up the rising star N.McIntyre for his 2nd goal of the season placing it comfortably under the keeper. Kelburne then took control of the game and put Clydesdale under pressure. This was to prove evident when from a sixteen N.McIntyre was able to anticipate the loose ball and have a 1 on 1 chance with the keeper which he took full advantage of and slotted the ball in the goal for the 2nd time in the match. Clydesdale at this point were just trying to get to half time, with patient build up to each attack, trying to find a hole in the Kelburne defence and just before half time were awarded a short corner for their efforts. They took full advantage of this by slotting the ball into the goal to give the away side some hope of getting something out of this game.

Half time 3-1

The second half started with a big spell of Kelburne dominance: Clydesdale being pinned into their half for the first 15mins. Kelburne were constantly creating chances and most of them falling to N.McIntyre, who was on a hat-trick but couldn't quite get that 3rd goal. Chances were happening at both ends for most of the half but it was Kelburne to score again 10mins from the end from a short corner: A.Bremner stepped up to strike the ball into the goal and put Kelburne 4-1 up. A.Bremner was now on his hat-track and he came close to it with the last attack of the game. With great one-two play from himself and French star V Evrard all the way up the pitch, just the last pass was slightly behind A.Bremner who surely would've scored if given the chance.

Full-time 4-1

Great result for a side who were still hurting from the cup defeat. "The only team that'll beat you are yourselves" was the big message to the team at the end of the game, and they will have to reflect on this if they are to continue this league form.

Match Report by Mark Connor