5th XI suffer narrow loss

AMN Hillhead 5 XI 3-2 Kelburne 5 XI

Kelburnes young 5th XI travelled to Balgray with a depleted squad due to availability and injury issues. Organiser Donald Campbell breathed a sigh of relief when the twelfth and thirteenth men arrived as push back beckoned. The young squad welcomed Andrew McAllister, aged just ten, to his senior team debut.

From the push back the game ebbed and flowed from one end to the other. Kelburnes back four of Donald Campbell, Ronnie McGuire, Grant Toghill and James McPherson dealt with the Hillheads attacks comfortably, despite both Ronnie and twelve year James, only just returning from injury.

Youngsters Lucas Farndale, Sandy Sneddon, Jack Jamieson and the even younger Andrew McAllister rotated upfront causing the older, gritty, more experienced Hillhead defence lots of problems.

Hillhead won a short corner after quarter of an hour and despite David Ogilvies best efforts the ball clipped his right hand post and ended in the back of the net.

Kelburne continued to press with the experienced Dick Donaldson and Duncan McInnes controlling the centre of midfield and Martin Byrne and Willie Allan never out of the fray.

Despite Hillhead winning two short corners, fantastic saves from David Ogilvie kept the game fairly even.

Half time 0-1

The second half started with full on tackles and strikes from the Hillhead players in a passage of played perceived dangerous by the Kelburne team. Despite appeals to the Hillhead umpire, the Kelburne appeals were dismissed.

This culminated with the Kelburne players stopping for a perceived infringement and the ball being tapped into the back of an empty net. Despite vigorous protestations from Messrs Ogilvie, Allan and McInnes, the goal stood. Willie?s comments ended with him being pulled up by the Hillhead umpire.

In the next passage of play Willie picked up the ball around the half way line and went on one of his probing runs ? which resulted in a superb individual goal. Kelburnes delight was short lived by another goal from Hillhead. Hillhead were reduced to ten men after a green card issued by the Kelburne umpire.

Kelburne continued to push and their endeavours were rewarded following a goalmouth scramble that ended with Lucas Farndale racing to beat team mate Jack Jamieson to tap in Kelburnes second.

The development squad kept up the pressure on the Hillhead defence right to the final whistle with the youngsters running their legs off. Despite the 3-2 defeat Coach McInnes commented on the positive performance of all of the players.

For the second week in a row, poor umpiring decisions have cost the fives vital points and if the ball which spun off the post midway through the second half had hit Jacks stick rather than his foot, on the oppositions goal line then a draw would have been a fairer result for this often ill-tempered game.

The fives have Glasgow University at home next week and hopefully Ian?s mum will let him out to play