Kelburne Ladies go 4 goal!!!!

Kelburne Ladies: 4 Cala Ladies: 1
Winter had arrived at Bella pitch by 7.30 on 17th November. Each warrior for kelburne turned up in full suit of armour ready for the battle which lay ahead. A stern, realistic and driven team talk from our coach Stacey Ramsey got the warriors psyched and ready for the game.

From the whistle Kelburne took control of the game. Having majority of possession in the opening phases of play and relentlessly attacking the oppositions 25. It came as no surprise that after 10 minutes Kelburne won their first corner. A strong aggressive strike by Laura Carlton was saved by Cala. Cala drove off in the break only for Kelburne keeper Cath Rae to make an outstanding save. Kelburne replied to this by winning another corner after great build up play from the right hand-side. An effective slip left corner won us our first goal courtesy of Kristine Ayling.

Kelburne settled well after their first goal. An upbeat performance of possession hockey was played down the left and right-hand side settling Kelburne and showing dominance in the game. Cala replied to this by driving hard down their centre and putting pressure on the Kelburne defence showing nice patterns of play around the circle edge. Kelburne regained control after a deflection from Kate Longbotham in a corner saw them 2-0 up going into half time.

In the second half both teams came out fighting and for the first 15 minutes saw a physical game. Kelburne stole a break when a pass came from Ayling to Drew Berry with one touch to laura to see Kelburne 3-0 up. Shortly after Cala pushed through the centre on a break to hit Kelburne with a series of short corners from which they took a consolation goal. This was replied to by a great team goal where Amanda Maxwell selflessly created a two on one with keeper and assisited Stevie McInally in taking the final goal of the game.

Kelburne showed real character and strength to win a high tempo game with excellent 4 goals to show for their determination.
By Adele Dasty