Unlucky no 9 for Ladies 2s

Womens Reserve League
Saturday 19th November 2011
CALA 6 ? 0 Kelburne
With only 9 players travelling through to Edinburgh Kelburne knew they were the under dogs but decided to go out and show CALA that Paisley girls can put up a good fight!
With Captain Morgan leading from the defence the first half started off very well, Kelburne caught CALA off guard by putting their 11 women under lots of pressure and denying them any access to the ?D?. The half court formation was holding strong and with some fantastic defending from both the mid field and defenders, keeper Judith Crawford was working hard shouting from the back and mopping up any stray balls that invaded the ?D?. Kirsty Hair and Abi Reilley worked well as a unit on the left hand side to block the CALA forwards dribbling on their front stick and forced them into making mistakes. With 10 mins to go before the half time whistle CALA found a gap in the Kelburne defence and capitalised on it. Emma Ryan was able to show off her silky skills and dribble the ball past 3 and 4 of CALA?s players passing to Emma Ormand allowing the Kelburne girls to push up the pitch, this allowed them to go for the goal, fighting for a shot or foul in the ?D?. Kelburne kept on fighting and continued to deny CALA the shooting opportunities they so desperately wanted.
The first half ended CALA 1 ? 0 Kelburne

After an inspiring team talk from manager Catherine McLaughlin Kelburne went back out with heads held high to continue the fight. Straight from the CALA center pass Kelburne pushed forward and were rewarded by Fiona McGowan stealing the ball. With the team going forward as a unit they achieved 2 short corners in quick succession but were unable to put them in the back of the net. Christine McCrimmon and Susan Harris continued to put in a shift up front hassling the CALA defence and looking for the outlet passes but just could not find the goal. With a turn on the run of play CALA managed to break through the wall of Kelburne players and crash another shot past the keeper. With heads going down and tiredness kicking in the Kelburne girls lost their focus and with some reckless tackles gave away short corners which CALA stepped up and used to their advantage. They were also awarded a penalty flick after a superb save by Emma Ryan and Judith Crawford very calmly swatted it away from the goal. With all the pressure in the Kelburne 25 the girls put up a good fight but were unable to keep the ball out the net. After such a fantastic performance from all 9 of the Kelburne players it was disappointing to come away with such a heavy loss.
Final score CALA 6 - 0 Kelburne
Next game
Sat 26th Nov vs Hillhead
Sun 27th Nov vs Grange