5ths lose to Motherwell

Kelburne 5 XI 1-3 Motherwell 2 XI

After the controversy of the last match against the Motherwell 2, Five?s Captain Willie Allan brought his development squad to the home tie at Bellahouston expecting the unexpected.

The ever solid Ewan HP Crawford welcomed a changed line up of the returning father and son duo Ronnie and Ed McGuire, along with much travelled super-vet Alan Bryce to his back four. From the push back these guys were very busy as Motherwell stated their intention by seemingly camping in the Kelburne half of the pitch.

Despite their best efforts, the development squad were not able to capitalise on the few first half opportunities which fell to them due to unforced errors and errant passes. On the couple of occasions when Kelburne actually won short corners they were unable to convert them.

During a particularly intense period of play around the twenty eight minute mark, Motherwell won a short corner.  The resulting strike was saved magnificently by keeper David Ogilvie by deflecting it with his stick onto his right hand post. Unfortunately two minutes later Motherwell got their opener in the form of a goal which caught everyone napping, leaving David with no chance.

Half time  Kelburne 5 XI 0-1 Motherwell 2 XI

Player / coach Steve Bain rallied the troops at half time, however Burne?s attempts to get back into the game were short lived as Motherwell picked up their second goal after only three minutes into the second half.

The midfield of Steve Bain, Captain Willie Allan, Donald Campbell and Dick Donaldson (subbing with Lucas Farndale) all continued to support the defence, as well as trying to take the game to Motherwell. The forward line up of Ian Kerr and youngster Jack Jamieson, subbing with Grant Toghill and Sandy Sneddon, lived on the scraps which fell to them.

The forwards relentless work paid off after eighteen minutes when Jack won another short corner. The drag from Steve went straight to Willie, who slotted the ball into the Motherwell goal.

As the game ebbed and flowed in a better second half for Kelburne, play had to be stopped when keeper David parried a particularly fierce shot from Motherwell, which subsequently struck veteran Ronnie McGuire above his left eye. The ensuing blood injury to Ronnie, a nurse, was dealt with by Ronnie?s wife, also a nurse, assisted by a second year student nurse, and saw Ronnie removed from the field of play to hospital to receive seven stitches, despite Ronnie?s loud protestations about playing on.

In the dying seconds of the game Motherwell added a third goal to seal Kelburne?s defeat.

Kelburne 5 XI 1-3 Motherwell 2 XI

Next week sees the development squad travel to face league leaders Rottenrow and if they are to have any chance ?A-games?  will be required.

Lets hope that Mr Farndale gets an early night in preparation for this important game and ends up using his stick to control the ball rather than his feet!