5ths Unlucky to lose again

Kelburne 5 XI 0-1 Hillhead 5 XI

Player availability appeared as though it was going to be a major issue this week however an extraordinary effort from Ewan Crawford and a late change of plans for Donald Campbell meant that the development squad faced rivals Hillhead with an almost full squad, albeit missing Captain Willie Allan and Dick Donaldson.

Youngster Jack Jamieson, who had rushed from an earlier in the morning football match, arrived at Bellahouston just as push back was taking place to witness defender James MacPherson in a midfield role. This strange situation was brought about because midfielder Lucas ?Barbie?? Farndale was still on the side lines putting on his shin guards, changing into his playing shoes, and adjusting his new sweat band.

From the off, Hillhead looked to be a strong determined team who do not seem to deserve to be in bottom place in the West League Division 2. The game flowed well with both teams having time on the ball. With about six minutes into the match, a slip in concentration allowed Hillhead to attack and the ball found its way past keeper David Ogilvie into the net.

Today?s squad comprised a back line of combinations of Edward McGuire, Ewan Crawford , Alan Bryce , Andrew McAllister and James MacPherson. The midfield was Donald Campbell, Player Coach Steve Bain, Ronnie McGuire, Jack Jamieson and Lucas Farndale. Upfront were combinations of Martin Byrne, Sandy Sneddon, James Woods and Ian ?Bambi?? McIntyre.

After losing the goal, the development squad regrouped and continued to play the pass and move hockey which the youngsters had been practicing at training. One such move worth mentioning was when James MacPherson collected the ball from Steve and decided to push on as Hillhead backed off. James kept going, crossing the halfway line and then the 25 yard line. Not known for being this far up the pitch, instead of getting a nose bleed, James played a great ball across the goal which was poorly defended and the ball broke to Bambi who failed to convert the sitter. The game continued to flow from end to end despite some interesting decisions from the oppositions umpire.

Halftime Kelburne 5 XI 0 ?1 Hillhead 5 XI

Player Coach Stevie Bain was very positive with his halftime team talk pointing out everything which the development squad were doing well, he was confident that if they kept at it for the second half, he was sure they would be rewarded.

The second half was like the first with a Kelburne getting their fair share of possession. The Kelburne youngsters seemed to realise that they had the beating of this Hillhead team and they began to believe in themselves, they really attacked and harassed the Hillhead defence and in particular, forwards Martin Byrne and James Wood relished this approach, opportunities actually started to appear. Donald, Lucas and Jack ran tirelessly all morning in support of the attackers. In the final fifteen minutes Kelburne were camped in the Hillhead half. The development squad won a series of short corners but both the senior attempts and the junior attempts failed to convert. During this spell, onlookers saw more shots on goal than they have seen since Christmas and not only were the shots coming from different players, the youngsters were having a go at smashing the ball rather than trying to play it into the goal. During one such passage of play player coach Bain even managed to smash the ball at young Jamieson, fortunately Jack?s reactions meant that the ball hit the top of his thigh rather than a more delicate area! Thanks to Mags McGuire and the Kelburne umpire for their prompt first aid.

Final score Kelburne 5 XI 0-1 Hillhead 5XI

The development squad?s player coach was full of praise for his team, keeper Ogilvie was spectacular, the defence were solid and further special mention was made of the youngster?s efforts. They may not have scored and they may have lost but they never gave up and played great hockey which on a different day could have been a comfortable win.

This week sees the Fives travel to the face the very fit Glasgow University away from home, hopefully Captain Willie and Dick will be available and super vet Bryce will continue with his stick called thumper!