Champions Finish League Season with a win

Kelburne men's 2's: 6
Clydesdale men's 2's: 2


Kelburne second eleven played Clydesdale's second eleven at home today. This was kelburnes last game of the season and knowing that they beat Clydesdale last time around at titwood they knew they would be up for a fight.

The match started off fairly with both sides attacking and trying to break the stalemate but nothing came of the chances. An early green card against Gordan 'Beast'  Menzies brought kelburne down to ten men but a strong defence helped make sure that Clydesdale couldn't make any opportunities to score.

Just twenty minutes into the first half saw Ewan Carmichael make an excellent run into the 'd' and a strike that was fortunately touched by John Gerard saw kelburne go up 1-0.

Saves were made by kelburnes goalkeeper johnny Barlow to assure that kelburne kept the lead. Shortly after the first goal a stormer of a run was made by Fraser Hutchinson beating the Clydesdale defence then 'squeezing' the ball left to miles to calmly slot it into the goal, 2-0.

The goals were in kelburne's favour today when a break saw jg striking a reverse ball under pressure from the Clydesdale goalkeeper and defender at top 'd'. 3-0

Just before the half time whistle blew, Clydesdale were awarded a short corner which was accurately struck to make the score line 3-1.

Half time score 3-1.

Kelburne came out strong in the second half which saw an unlucky shot from Ewan Carmichael just 3 minutes in. A short was awarded to Clydesdale but hit the net on the first hit and the goal was disallowed. Shortly after, kelburne received a short corner and was put away by beast to put kelburne up 4-1.

Good interlinked play between Harry Godfrey and Fraser Hutchinson inside the kelburne 'd' saw the ball cleared from any danger. Kelburne charged upfield seeing Ewan Carmichael taken out inside the Clydesdale 'd' by the goalkeeper and a penalty being awarded for kelburne. Beast stepped up to take it but unfortunately missed with the keeper saving the ball on the line.

Another short corner was put away by Bomber who had plenty of time to decide where to put the ball and saw it glide into the bottom corner. 5-1

Kelburne were caught on the break and this was shown when Clydesdale scored to make it their second of the day. 5-2.

To finish the game good passing play saw j. Mckenzie give the ball from the side line into ed greaves then switched to the other side of the 'd' to miles who pushed the ball hard under the dale keeper.

Final score 6-2.