Summer Fete 2012 - Thank You!

Dear All,

I hope that everyone has recovered from a very tiring but very successful weekend . On behalf of the club I would just like to say a massive THANK YOU for all of your time, effort, donations and general goodwill in regard to the Fete/Fun day on Sunday.

A full set of ?fete accounts? will be available shortly, but it is safe to say that the club is now around £5,000 better off thanks to your efforts. All of the monies raised at the fete are essential for the running of the hockey club. Without your combined efforts there would be no fete, and without the fete income It is obvious that the club would be looking at something of a ?black hole ? in terms of funding levels.
Can I ask that you all pass this message on to to all your friends and family members who helped out in any way on Sunday.
Thank you again for a job well done.
Kind Regards,
Harry Coles
President of Kelburne Hockey Club

PS -  The clown who was at the fete managed to raise £60, all of which was donated to Yorkhill Hospital .