3rd Win by 5

Giffnock 2nd XI     vs      Kelburne 3s
     (0)              -              (5)

Kelburne arrived at the game hoping to continue their good form that they began the season with, and keen to hold their strong position in the league.

Kelburne began the game strong, and quickly put pressure on the Giffnock defence creating goal scoring chances in the opening minutes for Jack Jamieson and Connor Bain.

This style of play continued for large portions of the half, giving Giffnock no oppertunities to attack the Kelburne defence.
The pressure led to a series of short corners for Kelburne, which unfortunately they were unable to convert, until finally Chris McNulty managed to slot a shot between the keepers legs, granting Kelburne the first goal of the game. Giffnock 0 - 1 Kelburne.
Kelburne were not content with this goal alone however, and immediately broke against the oppostion giving Andy Bremner a shot at goal which was saved by the Giffnock keeper, but led to yet another short corner. While the first strike on goal was saved by the defence, Kelburne managed to score their second goal through John Gerard Shepherd following a scramble by the goalmouth.
Kelburne continued to control the game untill half-time, with Giffnock squandering there only attacking chance of the half after 33 minutes.

At half-time the score stood at 0 - 2.

The second half began with good series of passes between Neil McIntyre and Jack Jamieson that led to a great goal scoring chance within the first 30 seconds.

Giffnock however were determined not going to sit back and let Kelburne control the game any longer and drove at the Kelburne defence, and were denied their first goal of the game by a great clearance from Mark Connor. Kelburne countered quickly, and manged to force defesive errors leading to a series of short corners. Kelburne kept possession of the ball following the breakdown of the short corners, and Billy Anderson managed to produce the third goal of the game. Giffnock 0 - 3 Kelburne.
During the following 15 minutes of play, possesion switched between the two teams with each team producing plenty of goalscoring oppertunities. Eventually Kelburne managed to win another short corner, which was converted by Billy Anderson giving him his second goal of the game. This was followed almost immediately by the 5th and final goal of the game from Andy Bremner.

At full-time the score stood at Giffnock 0 - 5 Kelburne. This was another great result for Kelburne, and another great performance from the 3s players who look set to acheive another good position in the league this season.

Match Report by Johnny Barlow