Thomsons Cycles Mens 2s in hard-fought draw with Grange

Kelburne took to the pitch on Saturday at Bellahouston to take onGrange 2nd XI, who they knew would give them their most challenging game of the season so far. Kelburne started strong, moving the ball around the back. The Kelburne defence passed the ball around quickly, which opened up space down the sidelines, it was Fabian Goldie who hit a long searching ball down the line which was picked up by Jack McKenzie who was unlucky not to score. Kelburne kept up the pressure, penetrating Grange's D but with not many outcomes. Then a shot by Andrew Duff, found the foot of a Grange player, winning Kelburne their first short corner that was narrowly missed with a straight strike from Adam Bain. Grange had been trying to find gaps in the Kelburne press, which was unsuccessful until one of Grange's centre backs hit the ball through a small gap which was picked up by a forward, who then managed to attack the Kelburne D with his team mates and score possibly the cheapest goal Kelburne will concede this season. However, Kelburne never let their heads go down, and kept up the pressure, with Ewan Carmichael and Fraser Hutchinson dominating the midfield. The hard work eventually payed off when Adam Bain found himself in the corner, he then smashed the ball into the D, where the ball was picked up by Jack McKenzie and put into the Grange goals, leveling out the score. A slight slip of concentration by the entire Kelburne team caused Grange to score another cheap goal just before half time.

Grange 2-1 Kelburne, Half time.

After the Kelburne half time chat, every player knew what had to be done. Kelburne went out and found the gaps in the Grange defence. Kelburne came close on a few occasions, for a ten minute spell Grange were scared, they had no space to move the ball. Kelburne's press was working, Grange couldn't get the ball to their defender who could hit the ball well. Kelburne's pressure then paid off, when Fraser Scott passed the ball into midfield, the midfield then attacked with pace, Grange just weren't fast enough and before they knew it Miles Goldie had the ball at the end of his stick, he then rounded the Goalie and slotted the ball into the goal. Kelburne continued to keep most of the play in Grange's half, with good play from Andy Bremner in the final 25. Balls down the right and left from Michael Nicol and Harry Godfrey continued to give Kelburne chances but none led to goals. In the dying minutes of the game a brilliant save from Fergus Barrows kept the score level, also tackles from Craig Morton, Michael Nicol and Fraser Scott may have saved Kelburne from conceding. The game ended and in Kelburne's opinion their draw felt like a loss.

Final Score: Grange 2-2 Kelburne.

Match Report by Duff Man