Thomsons Cycles Kelburne suffer 1st loss

Thomsons Cycles Kelburne 2nd XI vs Western 2nd XI

Kelburne headed to play Western today looking forward to come away with a good result following their draw with Grange last week.

The game started slowly for Kelburne, getting a few shots at the keeper was all they could achieve. Until western got a lucky breakaway and poor defending from the Kelburne rearguard resulted in a sloppy goal.

Shortly after this set back, Thomsons Cycles Kelburne found their feet and a smashed ball into the D that saw Andrew Bremner who passed to Jack Mckenzie who levelled the scores at halftime.

The game remained slow for Kelburne and could not seem to be able to covert any chances. 

Poor structure and negative chat from the team took the toll on the remainder of the game. A poor challenge from the Kelburne defence resulted in a short corner. Western stuck the ball into the corner beating Fergus Barrows in the Kelburne goal.

Full time 
2-1 victory to Western.

Match Report Jack McKenzie