3rd XI overcome Helensburgh Test

Kelburne 3 vs 2 Helensburgh

Kelburne welcomed Helensburgh to Bella for the second match of the season between the two sides. The first finished as a 6-2 win for Kelburne.

The match started slowly, with Kelburne maintaining most of the possession, but struggling to make any real inroads. Some good play down both sides of the park did create a few chances for the forward line, none of which though came to fruition. The first real opportunity was to come from a short corner, following some good attacking play in the Helensburgh D. An Adam McInnes drag-flick rebounded off the outstretched keeper to Captain Alan Ralph, who calmly slotted the ball into the bottom corner of the goal. 1-0. 

Further short corners were won following some good attacking spells, but were broken down by some misjudgements and good defence from the opposition. As a consequence of some fatigued play, and rued chances, the team went in at half time having left the opposition with hope that they could still make something from the game. 

Half time Kelburne 1-0 Helensburgh.

Following some stern words from Captain Ralph at half-time, a newly energised Kelburne went out for the second half seeking to add to their lead. With a rearranged formation, the team began to move the ball well, creating chances within just minutes of push back. Following good work from a certain centre-back, who was much further up the park than they ought to have been (no name), and youngster Jack Jamieson, Billy Anderson was left with a certain goal-scoring opportunity. In their desperation the Helensburgh defence took Anderson down, leaving the umpire with no choice but to award a Penalty Flick. This was taken by Anderson, who, and it has to be said just, slipped it under the outstretched goalkeeper into the corner of the goal. 2-0.

With a two goal cushion behind them, Kelburne began to go all out attack, and as a consequence lost their shape. This resulted in a forced ball from the right of defence, which allowed the Helensburgh attack to score. 2-1. 

Kelburne continued to push forward, with some good chances created by youngsters Neil McIntyre, Jack Jamieson and Anderson tongue, all of whom were unlucky not to see their efforts converted. A pass down the right of the pitch from Ryan Edgar to McInnes, led to a short corner being awarded when the Helensburgh defence committed a fowl and did not back off. Following a good push out and stick stop, McInnes slotted a slap hit into the bottom corner of the goal. 3-1. 

With a two goal lead restored, Kelburne began to show signs of complacency, losing their shape once again, and leaving parts of the pitch exposed to the opposition attack. A further forced pass from the centre of defence, which was picked up by the opposition attack led to another cheap goal being thrown away by Kelburne. 3-2.

With just five minutes to go, Kelburne began to slow things down, keeping possession and not allowing the opposition any opportunities to level the score. 

The game finished Kelburne 3 ? 2 Helensburgh. 

Despite the victory, this was a below par performance from the team. Too many unforced errors and quick breaks once again caught the defence out, and some good chances at the opposition?s goal were left unfinished. However, the team now has three straight victories behind them, and showed at spells in the match the kind of quick, sharp and intelligent hockey which no other team in this division can match. The challenge now for this young side is to maintain this standard for a full 70 minutes.

Match report by Adam McInnes.