Thomsons Kelburne return to winning ways


Thomsons Cycles Kelburne 2nd Xi 3 vs 0 Hillhead 2nd Xi

Thomsons Cycles Kelburne thirsty for a long awaited win after a draw from the previous day, had to face the very same team at their home pitch at Bellahouston. 

At the beginning of the game Kelburne had all the possession as they calmly collected the ball from the opposition and after some very clever play up the line Kelburne had their first short corner of the game. Smoothly this was converted by Jack McAllister who had flicked the ball over the helpless goalkeeper to make the scoreline 1-0 to Kelburne.

After the first goal Hillhead had stepped up a gear and began to press forward which was well defended by the composed Kelburne players. During the stage of when Hillhead were pressing former captain Fraser Scott was awarded a green card for an almost outrageous stick tackle to which Kelburne went down to 10 men, and shortly after the young forward Andrew Duff was also awarded a green card for a stick tackle. During this time young goalkeeper Fergus Barrows was forced to clear the ball a few times in order to keep the ball out.

after the players server their punishment of time off the pitch, they came back on and Kelburne began to press once again and with 3 minutes to half time were awarded another short corner, as Jack McAllister flicked the ball it was deftly saved by the opposing keeper but as Hillhead defenders failed to clear the ball Jack McKenzie swiftly fires and unstoppable shot past the keeper and scored. 

Kelburne 2-0 Hillhead. Halftime.

Instantly in the second half Hillhead went up yet another gear and began to heavily press Kelburne, to their on avail the experienced and calm defenders easily passed the ball around. Once Kelburne began to dictate the game they were able to play the ball up the line to look for outcomes, and as Jack McAllister tried to go past a Hillhead Midfielder his leg was hooked by the opposing player and Jack was spoken to by the bewildered umpire. 

Soon after the slow starting second half, Kelburne player was forced onto his reverse stick and as it blasted off it deflected off a hillhead stick into a Hillhead players face, and as fast as he went down jumped up again to keep the game moving forward. 

Once again the ball was played up the line by Harry Godfrey up to Jack McKenzie who had created another short corner after some excellent linking up play from the midfield and himself. At the top of the circle was the fierce flicking force of Jack McAllister who smoothly flicked the ball into the net to make the score 3-0.

After that goal the game was sealed to a Kelburne victory with minutes remaining Kelburne began to tire and on the break Hillheads fierce midfielder had outpaced the solid defence and was unable to move past the brick wall that was the Kelburne Keeper Fergus Barrows who was forced to make a great double save. Soon after the final whistle went and the much awaited win was earned by the Kelburne 2nd Xi.

Final score: Kelburne 3-0 Hillhead

Overall it was a hard fought game with battle commencing in the midfield and the Kelburne defence coped very well with the breakaway attacks of Hillhead, forcing them to have little if any chances. Kelburne simply made the most of their very little chances available.